Thursday, October 22, 2009

AssistU is WHY I'm where I am with my Weight Loss

I have been waiting for months, on the edge of my seat to "let the cat out of the bag" about HOW I've been losing my weight! I finally can do it and let me tell you, I will NOT lie about any product & how it works for me. I've been asked to sponsor, speak for, talk about various products on my road to weight loss (especially once I hit that 25+ pound mark & then REALLY full tilt after 50 lbs!) & I'm gonna tell you... I could lay the crap down good & probably bring in a bit of change for some extra "new clothes" to fit this "new body" as it happens but that's simply put not my style.

You can rest assure, anything you read here or on my Twitter (except that one time someone got in and spammed my account....ugh) is the absolute and undisputed truth about my road to weight loss.

AssistU took my average weight loss of 1.2 lbs a week, on the Weight Watchers® program to an astounding 3.2 lbs or more a week. I went from losing a few pounds a month to losing much more, much faster & making my body do it in a healthy fashion with nothing more than herbal supplement. All natural herbs that enhanced my body to do what it was supposed to do, by itself! At 77.7 lbs lost thus far, I've lost the vast majority of that while using the herbal supplements supplied by US-Nutrition, LLC & the AssistU product. Before the use of the supplements I had lost a total of about 12 lbs using the Weight Watcher® system alone. I now have some weeks where I lose 6+ pounds (yes and others where I have 1-2 lbs) but that is something I NEVER had before I started using the product!

First off, there is NO magic pill. Yes, I know, there are a million different companies out there that beg to differ but I'm telling you straight out there is no pill that you take and instantly the pounds fall off. It's all about eating, eating healthy, eating right, exercising and making your body work for you by learning what you need & how you need it to make it all happen.

That's where AssistU comes in! This company actually provides a complete blog about WHY the items in their products work, how & explain various other aspects of keeping your body happy (aka "Satiated") to keep you eating healthy & properly. This can result in weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight, but either way... it means good results from a great product! They don't sell their product as a catch all for instant weight loss. They sell their product to literally help you make it day by day & "bridge the gap between today & tomorrow" by helping your body utilize the food you eat & keeping it feeling satiated. They have great blogs & information on everything from natural products to why you need to keep eating all day long (welcome to the world of protein bars). They have online support & even distributor options for those who want to "stock" the item & sell the product themselves.

Originally, I actually approached someone on Twitter about her weight loss progress and she put me in contact with a lady who, by the grace of God, has become one of my best friends & mentors. Known as "Healthy Chick" by a lot of people, my friend Yvette began coaching me (for free) on the ins & outs of weight loss & supplements. I'm an avid and easily sold person of "Natural" products, but only TRULY natural. You have to be careful what's out there and what they are claiming! "Healthy Chick" took the time to truly explain to me my body & how it works with various supplements. What did she get out of it? Nothing. She didn't charge a cent, she didn't ask me to buy anything, she didn't suddenly pull out a big catalog of "buy these" supplements. Instead she worked with me, explaining various supplements that can actually be purchased at WalMart (and no, she's not part owner of WalMart so I'm pretty sure she made ZERO dollars off those sales! LOL). At one point, she even mailed me supplements SHE purchased for me at her local GNC, along with various protein bars, as she coached me on keeping myself satiated. She was obviously not in this to make her first million, but to help those who needed knowledge on how to bring their own body to it's fullest ability to get healthy.

My "Healthy Chick" friend started me out with various supplements, most of which were extremely basic in the herbal supplement world, but before this I was clueless as to what they TRULY did! We worked together as she explained what I should take & why. Again, she never sold me a single item. I was pretty sure she was an angel sent to me from God above because I'll be honest here, I've gone from a very substantial income to getting cancer and becoming "disabled" enough that I cannot perform daily "work" 8 hours a day & hold a job. I'm working on changing that... and hopefully can find a neurosurgeon to make my body right again after the effects of cancer treatments. But at this point in time, my "Healthy Chick" had put me on a path of enhancing the program I was already on, Weight Watchers®.

I am an avid & very admirable supporter of the Weight Watcher® system. I think they are on target, realistic and very realistic in their approach. I also feel that their system is, like everything else in life, open for change & adjustments. They've done so throughout the years themselves & they realize that there's always room for improvement & change to "Make it Mine". That being said, I had decided that (combined with my lack of ability to "move" much or be physically active due to the issues of attacking my cancer & my general health issues) losing an average of 1.2 lbs a week (while it was better than GAINING 1.2 lbs a week) was simply NOT going to do it for me. I was up over 350 lbs and knew that there was NO way I could continue at this pace & honestly be happy enough to remain "on program" for what would have to be a very, very long time before I saw TRUE results. I also knew, though, that this was not a "diet" and had to be a lifestyle change. These two decisions about my weight loss program led me to believe there had to be a way to combine Weight Watchers® with something else to get better results.... I simply didn't have the knowledge to do it alone. That's where AssistU came in!

"Healthy Chick" started me out on every day, over the counter supplements that I purchased at WalMart. These alone changed my losses from an average of 1.2 lbs a week or less to a minimum of 2.2 lbs or less. I would assume that for the "normal" person, these numbers would be higher but I won't make any claims. I can only speak for myself. I was pretty happy because I was beginning to see quicker results, still able to eat "normal" food (the best part of the Weight Watchers® plan) and wasn't spending tons of money.

Enter the AssistU supplement. "Healthy Chick", Yvette, had asked if my daughter would be interested in trying the AssistU product, then if I'd be interested myself in helping US-Nutrition LLC in figuring out if the product they were working on worked as they had devised it. The amounts of each herbal substance added to the supplement had to be done just right and they needed to figure out the perfect combination. Batch 1 was ready for "testing" and they needed people to help them figure out if it was correct or needed perfection. My daughter was actually put on the supplement before me, as she had joined Weight Watchers® but had "fallen off the wagon" so to speak and wasn't able to just stick to her guns. She was where I'd been millions of times & I was anxious to give her the opportunity. Her results? She was on again off again on the Weight Watcher® program, but even with that she commented that she "no longer seemed to have these horrendous cravings" & "desire to constantly eat". She lost minimal amounts of weight & has kept it off, while not even continuing the Weight Watcher® program. I don't condone using AssistU in this fashion, but it is proof that it does what it says it does, which is help your body metabolize to it's fullest potential, aid in eliminating cravings & suppresses your appetite (within reason).

Note here: I did consult both my doctor & 2 pharmacists regarding any drug interactions with both the OTC supplements I purchased at WalMart and then again before using the AssistU Supplements! US-Nutrition, LLC also highly recommends this to anyone beginning any type of weight loss regime.

My results have been much, much better but I have been in a much more dire need of making a lifestyle change. The Weight Watcher® program was my basis to start and I needed something to help boost my system. AssistU did just that. One of the most fantastic parts of the product is not only almost always feeling "full" or "satiated" but also the lack of cravings - especially during "That Time of The Month" when most of us ladies could kill for either something sweet or something salty. I eat, and often foods that are NOT exactly Weight Watcher® friendly but my body metabolizes the food so well & efficiently that I still seem to lose weight, or at best NOT gain. I am FAR from perfect in my eating habits but I can honestly say that even on weeks when I've eaten so poorly I can't even say "I'm on Weight Watchers®" I rarely have a gain. Again, I believe (and this is nothing more than MY opinion) that this is attributed to the fact that with the AssistU supplement my body is truly burning up that food, even when it's not the healthiest of choices. That being said, it's worthless to purchase AssistU and expect weight loss if you are NOT going to follow a healthy eating plan. It is an "AID" in weight loss & weight control/maintenance, not a magic pill that instantly drops the pounds for you with little to no work. It does, however (again in my opinion) give you a little more leeway in "misbehaving" a bit and not paying full price (as in.. gaining quick & easy).

The company suggests not only drinking 64 oz. of water (I drink water based drinks/non-carbonated... such as green teas, white teas, Crystal Light style drinks more than plain water myself) but also making sure you get plenty of fiber in your diet. These 2 tips will help the supplement and herbs contained in the supplement to work at their best, giving peak results.

Cost is always a factor & I would be lying if I said it was no big deal to me either, but I will also say that being on a VERY limited income I have managed to make it priority to make MY BODY be worth the cost of getting it into shape. If you're not ready to commit to, within reason, spending the money you need to get healthy you may as well just sit down now and eat a box of pop tarts & continue to complain about how "fat" or "bad" you feel. That's why I was thrilled too when I was told by the company that I could offer MY discount to people I told about the product. As long as you order using the DISCOUNT CODE 112BP when you order, & you will get $4 off ($55.95 or less than $2 a day to keep fire up that metabolism and put you on the same path to weight loss that I've been on!). You can also contact me directly to place orders via my email and we can discuss simply sending payment direct or even picking it up from me if you live close by, if you don't want to use a credit card or pay-pal. Most of all, if you contact me DIRECT you can get the SAMPLES for free. The company has to do this to avoid fraudulent "accounts" being set up to get continuous samples sent to them, so if you "order" a sample packet online it's $9 but if you simply ask me directly or one of the other few distributors, we can keep track of addresses samples are sent to for delivery.

Eating healthy can often be more expensive, although with some leg work & lots of practice I've managed to purchase healthy versions of foods at very reasonable prices, keeping my grocery bill very manageable. If you're not willing to put out the money to join a "program", whether it be Weight Watcher's® or Jenny Craig® or any other program to show you HOW to lose the weight & think you're not worth it..... then you're not worth it. Nobody's going to change that way of thinking until YOU are ready to do so. I'm not saying any ONE program is best nor that even having to PAY for any program is necessary. Only YOU know what you need & how you need to do it, but you HAVE to get informed & educated! For me Weight Watchers® was the program that did this for me. For others, there are hundreds of other ways to become educated about HOW to eat and WHAT to eat.

I spent the $40 a month on Weight Watchers® without resistance for the first time in my life. I learned the system, learned the ins and outs of how, why & what to eat and every penny spent was WELL worth it. I purchased literally hundreds of dollars worth of "gadgets, new products & machines" to help me GET to the point of being able to do the program with ease. It's a fact of life, you didn't get upset spending $40 to eat out at that restaurant to GET that big booty or belly... so why get upset at spending it to learn the ropes & make your lifestyle change - only to get a healthy & fit body as a result?

Once I spent that money (for months), I knew I had the program down & could do it on my own. YES, there are benefits to staying a "member" of Weight Watchers® but I'll be honest... I simply cannot afford it when what I take home from the meetings is minimal now. They have given me the knowledge to use but I combined it with other knowledge to create my "own" system of weight loss based on their system. For some it may take many months to feel comfortable enough to no longer be a "member", for others they may never want to leave and need that support. Either option is fine... but for me... I knew I wasn't getting the results I wanted anymore & needed to make it now that spending $40 a month (which I had done willingly & happily up to this point) was no longer an expense I wanted to take on. I knew that $2 a day ($59.99 for a 30 day supply WITHOUT my discount so don't forget to use my discount code which brings it down to $55.95!) was not the end of the world for a product I KNEW worked & knew that I would feel just as comfortable with spending this money on myself still, but in a different way (instead of meetings.. now I have supplements that "support" me).

But YOU don't know it works do you? You read that I say it worked... and maybe it DID work for me. I've, again, not met or heard of anyone who didn't see results or feel a difference within less than a week using the AssistU supplements but I'll be honest, I'm not going to fork out a quick $60 until I feel confident & I'll assume you feel the same way. That's what I love about US-Nutrition,LLC. They don't expect you to just take their word for how their product works. They will send out a sample packet that will help you figure out if the product is going to work for you. Check it out, ask for a free sample from any distributor (such as myself) {note the website cannot offer free samples yet as they are trying to keep fraudulent accounts from getting tons & tons of free samples of the product delivered for free, over & over}. See what the product does for you and most of all let me or the company know YOUR results!

Check out their regular blog, on the front page of the site and Facebook entries to get informed, not just about the product but about nutrition, herbs and so much more.

I can't say enough about this product. Simply put it has changed my bumpy, slow road to weight loss into a stream-lined, well paved highway. Sure, there are always going to be potholes & bumps... we are not perfect. But this product, with it's all natural herbs created in just the right amounts, gives you results. Results don't occur because of the pill itself, but because of YOUR desire to make a lifestyle change and your desire to allow your body to take over in using your metabolism to it's fullest!

Check out their site.... ask for a free sample from me or one of their distributors.... enhance your weight loss program now! You WILL be happy with the results! I'm certain! Heck, I'm almost 80 lbs worth of certain so far!

Check out my Daily Menu Food Log for a quick glance at what I'm eating to get where I'm at, which is a healthier & therefore thinner ME!

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*Note I am not affiliated nor endorsed by Weight Watchers® at all, in any way. I highly recommend their program and cannot say enough GOOD about it, but I also have decided that they were my "stepping stone" to making a change in my lifestyle. Any mention of Weight Watchers®, their program or their term of "points®" does not mean they have approved, seen, or endorsed anything on my blogs.

Also, if at any time Points® are mentioned it is always with the assumption that you will analyze the recipes, foods, ingredients and figure the points out specifically for your consumption of any product, as ingredients may vary by brand, size, etc.

My thoughts, ideas and comments on AssistU are simply based upon my OWN usage & knowledge. I do not represent the company, nor do I "speak for them" on any ideas regarding their product, any weight loss system or supplements.

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