Monday, January 25, 2010

New Product Review - Chocolate Cheerios

It's always great to find new, healthy choice products to try and this one came at a great time for me. I'm having major difficulties staying "on track". One of my biggest reasons is simply the fact that I'm not getting to the gym and constantly finding reasons to oblige this nasty habit I've started, of putting it off. Mondays are technically a harder day to get there but there's NO excuse, I could find the time and make the effort and I'm simply going to have to start! I was hoping to blog a little more too, which always inspires me to behave!

I have "maintained" since shortly after the holidays. I had a 2 week period where I put on 6 lbs. from simply not taking the AssistU and not watching what I ate. Once I got back on track those 6 lbs came back off fairly easily but now I've gotten into the habit of making some poor choices again and I simply HAVE to make the effort to choose right! A lot of this is that I'm spending more time with my guy and we tend to do "easy" foods for dinner together because we're at his place. Well, this has to stop and either we're going to start eating right together or I'm going to be eating before we meet up, which I'd hate to do! But the end result is, I'm taking the AssistU - which is making my body metabolize those bad for me foods at least, but I'm not having losses because of the poor choices and if I keep this up I'm going to start gaining! So it's BACK ON THE BUS for me and this new product is a great way to start!

This week I ran across something intriguing that I hadn't really noticed before, Chocolate Cheerios! I tend to stay away from the cereal aisles anyways, as I don't eat single servings of cereal on average, unless it's oatmeal or some very "healthy", unsweetened cereal that we all cried about when our moms bought it for us as kids! Yes, I'm a kid at heart and would dive into a bowl of Lucky Charms well before I'd hit the Shredded Wheats any day! At least I know my faults!

Cheerios tend to be one of those cereals I generally can control myself with. I was happy to find that even with chocolate as the "bonus" in these babies, I seemed still under control! I will confess that a single serving is NOT easy to stick with but when paired off with a yogurt or some other item like fresh fruit to help you along it's a GREAT treat!

This morning I had a bowl of Chocolate Cheerios with skim milk. Nutritional information for a single serving is a
s follows:

3/4 Cup Chocolate Cheerios with 1/2 Cup of skim milk
140 calories/1g fat/1g fiber
or 3 Points® on the WW Program®

The taste is wonderful! Very chocolaty and filling! Add a sliced banana or a light yogurt and you have a tasty & filling breakfast!

Definitely 2 thumbs up and I'll be making this a regular purchase for the cupboards! I think it's going to be an amazing snack too, dry or in some vanilla yogurt. Even with milk as a treat in the evening, these amazingly chocolaty delights are going to be around in my new "healthier" lifestyle for a long time coming! Good job Cheerios!

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the best results following the
Weight Watchers
® program...
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Check out my Daily Menu Food Log for a quick glance at what I'm eating to get where I'm at, which is a healthier & therefore thinner ME! While I don't always keep it up to date.. I do give you some different ideas of what might help you change up your daily menu!

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