Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello Hard Cider!

Ok, I have a confession..... I love to try different beers and such and while I don't really have the funds to do this often we sometimes splurge on a 6 pack of 3 different types or even 6 different types of beers. Enter my favorite store... Wegmans! Finally, Pennsylvania has begun to come into the 20th Century (yes I know it's PAST that time.. but we're a little slow) and starting to find ways to slowly but with much policing add the ability for us grown adults to actually purchase beer & beer type products (coolers, ciders, etc.) in the stores that have "Cafe's"!!!! WOOOOHOOO! Way to go Pennsylvania!You're only a few hundred years behind the other states around us but hey, who are we to complain?

So my best friend from college came 2 weeks ago for the weekend!!! Hoooray!!!! We, of course, find this to be a given reason to misbehave (just a little) and quickly purchase foods we shouldn't and alcoholic beverages. Did I mention we're COLLEGE BFF's? LOL  So it's only right for us to celebrate our get togethers with some alcohol. Of course the lame, old ladies we've become we each partook of a single Hard Cider and switched to iced teas. We are sooooo old.

But I had to share this WONDERFUL find!!! I've heard of "hard cider" before but first off, assumed it was something that kind of "happened" by accident (you know, that gallon of cider that gets pushed to the back of the fridge until one day you pull it out and go "wow, I didn't know cider expanded a container like this!". I heard tell that "some people" create the stuff "on purpose" but had never truly seen it in the stores. Remember again, I live in Pennsylvania where the government runs the liquor that flows anywhere in the state. So when we saw it and were feeling so very "festive" of the fall nature we decided we had to try it!

Of course we also purchased many other items that were NOT on our list too... but we did get some wonderful veggies to roast for dinner that night (in case you wondered veggies cancel out any alcoholic beverages of chocolate conception... not that WE would partake of any of these things.. *cough*) I will however have a WONDERFUL blog post on the roasted veggies and the new veggie I found called Romanesca!

So this evening, as I partake in the last of our finds (and secretly vow to contact the local beer distributors to see if they sell this luscious stuff by the case... no, no I won't) I decided I had to share. It's definitely NOT a "diet" food. I do believe it's pretty "natural", so to speak... so I guess it does still count as "clean eating"? Am I stretching it here? LOL  But either way, to partake once in a while in something this delightful is not only allowed but I feel completely necessary! *raises bottle up*  So here's to good friends I miss and great times ahead and one heck of a WONDERFUL find! This is like a taste of "fall" in a bottle.

Wish me luck on my journey to "eating clean" and  healthy! 
And please feel free to comment and share ideas for trying to live and eat "clean" and losing weight by changing to a healthy lifestyle!


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