Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Day To Celebrate!

Today was truly one of the best days I've had in a long time!  I love working out. I'm not a heavy duty, psycho, nonstop workout type. If you are.. please don't be offended. I am more of a "just get moving, do something you enjoy, get the heart a-pumpin' while you do something fun" type. I used to run regularly, about 2 miles a day. I have to do any walking or running in the water because of the side effects of my cancer treatments that have literally eaten away my spine. I have chronic pain, managed best as can be with a daily dose of 24 hour time release morphine. I am in constant pain, with the exception of when I'm in the water. I get in a pool and it's like entering heaven for me. You cannot begin to imagine how I feel in comparison with living 24/7 with pain so intense that even on morphine is always there. The morphine makes it less horrible, but still I remain in constant pain. But truth be told, I hadn't hit the gym for months. Between a recurrence of cancer (totally under control & beaten again) and moving to a different section of town (far from my old gym) I really just never got there. I now have no car, live quite a distance from the gym I was a member of and just basically wasn't going. I quit the gym, became more and more of a couch potato and my body paid the price. I gained weight, although not a huge amount and it kept fluctuating. I was an unhappy camper!
There certainly is no longer any shortage of brands out there that are low in fat, high in fiber, low in calories! The real issue is, which ones truly work for you. Everyone's different so what I love may not be what you love, but  here are a few of my absolute "Can't Do Without" breads and what I use them for. I will however confess, I can be seen visiting Panera Bread once in a while to grab a loaf of asiago bread or some other absolutely divine, hearty bread for a pannini! Like everything, I think in moderation I'll be just fine with it & I don't treat myself often, as I know I can't behave!

So we move to today.... Our local "Y" was doing a special all this week, free trial week and $25 joining fee. I thought it also said something on the ad about no payments until January but they didn't say that at our "tour". So on Monday I went to one of the "Y's" on the west side of town (I live on the East side but my best friend since grade school goes to that one & offered to take me with her Monday night). I was in heaven. I got to do a little boxing on the heavy bag (this is my BIG stress reliever & I do it with much TLC so as not to overdo things with my back), I went from that to the pool and jogged a bit, not nearly my former 2 miles but wow did it feel wonderful! I swam a little and during the good 30-40 minutes I spent in the pool I was pain free. Once again... amazing!

Move on to today... Thursday. I had wanted to get to the "Y" on this side of town, not far from our house actually. I know that if I join this will be the one I use more often than not and I hadn't been to this one in a long, long time! I also know that this one I can get to via the bus regularly too so I have a much better chance of staying with it if I know I have options to get there. Now comes  my "Best Day In A While" part.... I kept hinting and eventually asked my fiance' to come with me. I know, for a fact, that the last thing to do to someone is harp on them about getting "healthy". The more you harp on a person the less they want to do something & the more they will want to do just the opposite of what you're trying to get them to do. That holds true from everything from changing their lifestyle and eating habits to getting them to exercise. I knew that approaching him with "harping" wasn't the way to go. I asked him once, he said yes and then changed to "I don't think I will". I let it go for a bit then commented "Would you like to just go walk through with me and see the place since you haven't been there since you were a kid? You don't have to work out or you could take your stuff with you and if  you do feel it, then do some stuff. If not you can go do your thing and maybe even join me at some point? Or you could sit in the lobby and watch some television... whatever. Just come to see the place."  He surprised me with a hesitant but somewhat interested "Ok, maybe I will. But ..." and I interrupted him. "I'm not going to harp or fight with you. You do what you feel like."  I know that his biggest reason for NOT going is plain and simple... and a fear I'd say quite a few others have... he's embarrassed that he's going to be that big fat guy that everyone stares at and laughs at, etc.  I knew otherwise. I've been in gyms. There are people of all shapes and sizes, styles and abilities. I've even openly approached kids I see giggling or laughing at someone and told them they were being rude. I figure if the parents are too ignorant to say it, dammit I will. Sorry, I refuse to see anyone be belittled for doing something RIGHT!

End result.... we ended up going and taking a tour. It's nice, a little antiquated but not horrid. Some new things are there, 2 very nice pools but most of all the atmosphere is one where it's truly customer friendly & user friendly. I was impressed, so was my guy! This was a definite plus. I had good vibes already. Next we talked money, I was still good... we ended up with a "couples" program price offer of $55 a month. Not bad at all for 2 people! The norm around here for anyplace with a pool is about $40 a person. The gyms with just equipment are about half that but they're useless to me as I can't do much on the ground because I need the weightlessness of the water to allow my back to cooperate with working out. Add to this an amazingly large amount of classes (including water workouts) that go with the membership. He seemed happy with what we had seen and heard thus far. Next step was "Do you want to work out a bit? Toss the basketball around a little? Walk the track? Whatever?" He smiled. "Sure!" I almost fell over... the hurdle was jumped. Now it was all downhill from here & easy rollin'!
So we  went our separate ways. I went directly to the pool. I couldn't wait to just get in there. I walked 1/2 laps (the lap pool goes from 3.5 ft to 7 ft. & I obviously cannot run in 7 ft of water since I'm barely over 5 ft. tall! LOL). I ran and then I'd change to treading water for a lengthy spell in the 7ft end. I was in heaven. I was pain free. THIS is my glory. But better than being pain free was when my man walked into the pool area. He had a smile on his face, some sweat on his forehead and he grinned to me as he commented "I can't believe you got me to do this, but I'm glad you did!" I laughed. "What'd you do so far?" He was like a kid again, reliving the days when he'd come to he "Y" to throw some hoops. "I tossed the ball around. I really suck now" I laughed. This was the man who barely moved from his chair each day, telling me he was shooting  hoops. "Then I walked a bit. I think I'll go down and try those stationary bike things"  I cracked up. I was so proud I could pop! He smiled again "Quit smiling so much", he quipped. He knew that this truly made me happy. I smiled at him and made one last comment. "I don't care if you are 800 lbs, what I care about is getting you moving, getting your body to love moving and getting you healthy." He looked at me with complete adoration and said "I realize that. I'm glad I came." 

End result..... we walked out with him saying "So tomorrow let's come a little earlier ok?" I couldn't have smiled any more. "Yes!", was my immediate answer. Then he asked the girl at the desk about joining to which I answered, "You pay the first month & fee, from then on it's mine. Deal?" I knew that I won't get paid until the 3rd of the month so I wouldn't have the money to join while the special was running. He smiled and said "Sounds good".  So it looks like WE are going to have a Y membership! I am truly the happiest girl around right now! I don't expect  miracles but for every MINUTE I get him out of that chair and moving, doing anything other than just sitting there.... I feel like I've gained a minute more of life with him! I'm truly celebrating!
Wish me luck on my journey to "eating clean" and  healthy! 
And please feel free to comment and share ideas for trying to live and eat "clean" and losing weight by changing to a healthy lifestyle!


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