Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Using the New Juicer

So I purchased a fruit juicer from one of our local "recyclers" lists. A nice 450 Watt GE Juicer that I'm quite amazed at since I got it for only $20! It was used once and she wasn't lying, it truly looks brand new.

I'm completely new to the juicing thing. I'm doing it for health reasons, obviously, but it all started because I am completely addicted to Naked Juices. I purchase them at $3 each nearly every day, yes, add that up and gasp! Ok, some days I don't get my Naked but I'm not pretty those days. I get grumpy and cry a lot about how I really need some Naked! LOL

So today's first attempt was the "lazy" way. I had found some "reduced", already cut trays of fruits at my local Wegman's store. While they were a little more than I'd normally pay, because they were reduced for use within the next 2 days I figured why not try it. So armed with my already diced watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, honey dew & cantaloupe slices I pulled out the machine!


I added all of the above, mainly watermelon as I've been craving some of that but added a bit of everything. Let's suffice to say I need to work on presentation because in the end it was not a "pretty" color (HOW DOES NAKED DO THAT?) but the taste ROCKED! I added a Tablespoon of FF Vanilla Yogurt for some substance, sort of a smoothie effect. End result... delish!

What would I do different? Next time I'm going to try putting the juice in my shake/bullet type machine with the yogurt and some ice. It would have been better colder, I suppose I could have simply put it back in the fridge & waited but that takes patience!

Tomorrow's juice, pineapple watermelon.

So while it was a little work, it was well worth it plus it saved me from running to the store for my Naked. I have this thing where I can't stand to buy like 6 at a time because I gasp (same price as if I run to the store 6x but don't try to reason with a woman). It also allowed me to play with my own flavors, etc. I cannot wait until locally we have actual fruits available! Hopefully cheaper!

One cup (8oz) cost 2 pts plus the 1 Tbls of yogurt, I just let that slide because it was FF and to be honest not really accountable points wise. No pics because, to be honest it was pretty ugly brown. LOL But I swear it tasted like the nectar of the Goddesses!

I added to that delicious juice (which I poured into 2 fancy glasses, making me feel even more special) a slice of Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Bread, Honey Apple Oat toasted & buttered with Omega 3 ICBINB ( I can't believe its not butter). It was to die for! YES, one slice was 2 pts but the slices are large and so worth it for the flavor alone! Bread is one of my fave things in life and I will often forgo the extra point for flavor. I'm not only full but happy with the high quality of everything I got for my quick and somewhat easy breakfast! Total for this morning 5 pts!

If you get the chance, check out the Wegman's Honey Apple Oat Bread. Stats are 110 Cal., 2g Fat, 2g Fiber per slice. A slice is truly like a double piece of bread & makes the worlds best roasted turkey and feta sandwich!!!!!!! That's lunch by the way... I will post pics!

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