Sunday, May 27, 2012

Celebrating Our Country and Those Who Died For It

We've been blessed with a fairly beautiful long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day weekend here in Erie. It's Sunday, with one day left of the "long" weekend and we've celebrated with a very laid back approach. We spent some time with friends enjoying a fire and some hot dogs & burgers off the grill, relaxing in a beautiful wooded area that our friend happens to live at. We're hoping tomorrow brings us a little more "celebration" with my son and grandson stopping by and maybe a "playdate" with our great nephew & my grandson (can you imagine 2 toddlers 1-1/2 yrs or so together and not smile? LOL). We spent some time at the waterfront just enjoying the view and the beauty that we are blessed with here in this country and truly took a moment to even discuss how lucky we are to live here in these beautiful United States of America. As a "holiday" goes we enjoyed it with a low key embrace of friends and family and a definite remembrance to all of those who have lost their lives in the name of freedom; in one way or another.

I've begun a new approach at my "healthcare" in that I'm trying to go towards mainly holistic and homeopathic healing. I've been a guinea pig for the medical industry and have tried and remain on many of a slew of drugs to cover every symptom that comes with the affects of cancer treatments, loss of a spine due to radiation, and now a list of auto-immune diseases that makes me look like a telethon for every disease out there. My issues of MS were recently exacerbated to the point of truly scaring me and when the answer to that (after 16 years of basically no real long lasting affects of the disease) was to cover the symptom with a medication I decided enough.

Whether this journey serves me better and heals me, even so I'm in slightly less pain every day of my life, is yet to be seen but I feel that I have to take matters into my own hands. Starting with a chiropractor I have to say the results (yes it was only technically my 1st visit with this chiro & 2nd with a chiro in the past 2 weeks) are somewhat hopeful. While I had some negative responses I also had some positive ones, so I remain hopeful that continuing this slowly will prove to give me even some relief.

My sweetie and I have spent the weekend truly enjoying each other. We've almost reached the point of "recluse" at times, just enjoying being with each other. I love times like this when we can truly just enjoy being together and enjoying each other.

The weather has been fairly warm, okay hot, but with the new central air I am feeling so lucky! I also pulled out the container of summer clothes (in Erie you don't do this completely until about July because we could have snow tomorrow. LOL) and it was kind of like a shopping spree at home as I pulled out clothes I haven't seen in several months! I even donned a sundress today (felt kinda naked in comparison to the layers of clothes we usually wear all winter and even spring usually here!)! I also realized it's time to go shopping. Unlike most women I hate shopping so for me this is like a big UGH! I really need some "real" shorts and not cut off sweats that I just romp around the house in. LOL So perhaps tomorrow... or maybe next week... or the week after.. LOL... I will be hitting the stores to get some summer clothes.

My newest food delight I found, and so very cheap, was the Wegman's Quinoa & Brown Rice sides (microwave in 90 seconds) and so full of flavor! They had been giving out $1.00 off coupons and priced at $1.79 were obviously 79 cents each. It's truly our new fave item! Healthy and I FINALLY ate quinoa (I still have a package I've been avoiding cooking out of fear of the unknown) but I realize now that it's a must to try cooking some! Even my son enjoyed it (he didn't know it was healthy but he didn't complain and ate a double portion) so it's a keeper!