Monday, May 17, 2010

Battling Cancer with changes in eating habits

I have decided to sort of "change up" the blog for a while. It's difficult at this point of my life to keep blogging so please bear with me. (or is it bare? LOL)

I have been diagnosed with cancer once again. This is the 6th time for me. Yes, you read that correctly, SIXTH! And you know what? I'm not accepting this as a lifestyle anymore. From this point on I am going to have to make some drastic changes and I figure who else to share these changes with then my readers and hopefully new ones will follow?! You will notice that I am going to be using the word CANCER a lot because like it or not we are all candidates and very good ones at that, for CANCER. You will also notice I call it the LITTLE "C" and not THE BIG "C" as so many have (self-included). It does not warrant a capital letter. WE have the ability to conquer it and it's time we start!

I need to make sure everyone knows that I am not, nor do I claim to be, an authority on cancer. Anything I write about what I am doing here is completely a personal choice, has NO medical background information to prove or disprove what I am doing and is a choice I made myself after much consideration. It is NOT going to be the answer for everyone but it IS the answer for me, right now. I will never lie to you. I will never give you false hopes or tell you things to make money. I have NO vested rights in this what-so-ever!!!! PLEASE RE-READ THIS PARAGRAPH AND UNDERSTAND.... I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR, HAVE NO MEDICAL TRAINING AND AM WRITING EVERYTHING I DO HERE ON MY BLOG FOR MY OWN PERSONAL REFERENCE!!!!!

That being said, it's time I introduce you to what I am doing. I will TRY to blog often and show you some options I've taken. Here's a bit of a list of what I have decided to do:

  1. Begin a regiment of cleansing using MMS - I will provide links when possible about the use of MMS. MMS is not a medical substance. I am using it knowing that it is NOT FDA APPROVED for any treatment in the human body. I also use it with extreme confidence after investigating with many people as to how they have used it, what it has done and how safe it is. To be honest, after reading about it you may be surprised to see that it ISN'T approved by the FDA, until you also realize how HUGE cancer is as an industry. If we were to "cure" cancer, we'd go belly up as a country simply based on the financial impact it would have on our system. This is where my beginning findings on using MMS to cleanse my body of the cancer began: Jim Humble's Personal Writings and MMS

    The image to right (above) is of Mr. Humble using MMS (green bottles) to treat malaria in Africa. It is from his website.

  2. Find Replacements For Packaged/Chemical laden foods - This is one of the hardest things I've ever done! I'm serious! Doing the Weight Watcher STYLE program I had created for myself, I made BIG use of pre-packaged foods. However, with enough gumption and investigating you can find affordable things that are chemical free. One of my first things to do was change the meats I eat. I am NOT going to give up meats. Kudos to those that can become vegan. I applaud you. I cannot do this. So the first thing is to realize that our meats are created by farms (huge farms) filling our meat sources with chemicals. That's how we get those huge breasts we love to grill out that we think are so "good for us"... yes they are better than fattier meats but no, the chemicals injected into them and fed into them are NOT good for us. CHEMICALS feed and create cancers. Wegmans (locally) carries an amazing amount of "ORGANIC" meats, including some low fat versions that can help you keep your figure! They also carry one of my favorite snacks, Coco-Pops, of which I've been placing Wegman's fresh made chemical free peanut butter on top and create an wonderful sweet treat!

  3. Continue to Notice Portions - Portion control is key and still is! While I am trying to cleanse my body of any chemicals and with that, cancer, I am also still over weight! I need to focus on continuing my weight loss & portion control is key in doing this but ESPECIALLY now that I am having to eat all natural products that can sometimes be slightly higher in calories or fat content. Perfect example - peanut butter. Sure, I can use reduced fat versions and lighter versions but they come with chemicals. The all natural peanut butter, freshly ground at my store has become a staple here in my house but I have to remember to limit portions to single servings!

  4. If You Can't Pronounce It, DON'T EAT IT! - This has become the 11th Command in my mind! Here's an example: If you want potato chips, turn the bag over and read the ingredients. If there's much more than potatoes being cooked in an oil (natural) don't eat it! Chemicals and long names on your food mean that they're processing it and making it into something bad for your body. I heard one author comment one time that "if your great grandparents wouldn't know what it is, you shouldn't eat it". It's a great way to look at it. Your great grandparents or great-great grandparents would have no clue what a bag of microwave popcorn was, let alone how to cook it! Perhaps that says a lot about what we've taken as "okay" to consume? Our bodies are not meant to take in these chemicals so it's time to stop!

Well, that's what I'm doing from here on out! Yes, it is a tad bit "drastic" in some ways & some may even consider it "whacked". That's ok. I think it's "whacked" to be taking in tons of chemicals and then saying things like "I can't understand why I have cancer, I eat so good" when the truth is, we eat so bad! Even the "good for us" foods, when processed so much and soaked in chemicals or chemically altered to "taste better with less fat" or "less sugar" is replacing sugars with chemicals to simulate sugar tastes that it's time for us to stop. I am choosing to do just that, stop! I hope I can do this AND continue to lose weight. I think I should be able to do just that. I don't think it's going to be easy, but neither was the first 85 lbs coming off because I stopped eating fattening, greasy, high calorie options either!

Wish me luck! And please feel free to comment and share ideas for trying to live and eat "clean"!

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