Sunday, March 8, 2009

Changing a Lifestyle

It's fairly obvious to anyone who sees a pic of me that I have constantly struggled with weight. The odd part is, I'm not overly "conscious" of my weight as an issue and I am being straight when I say "I am quite beautiful even with the extra bodacious bootie and ta-ta's!". I honestly feel like I'm not only a beautiful woman on the outside but more so on the inside. I don't care what others think, to the most extent, and will never dress or look a certain way to please others.

BUT... I am human. It does bother me that sometimes a man wouldn't even bother to speak to me because he can't see past the weight. It bothers me that others will assume they know the type of person I am, simply because I'm heavy... I must be lazy and do nothing but eat and sit around. In that same sense, it allows me to weed out the close minded people that I'd rather not associate with anyways.

I'm far from perfect but I do think I'm "real". I'm me, plain and simple. I have faults, just as you do. I am human. I am overweight. Until recently I just accepted it as "that's me and always has been".

Enter my decision to change my lifestyle. I'm not going to say "diet". I could care less if I change my lifestyle and don't lose a pound.. .okay, maybe not.. lol.. but what I mean is that I'm doing it for ME. I'm doing it to feel better. I'm doing it because at 45 I've fought cancer 4x and have once again been introduced into the ring to beat it's ass again. I'm doing it because I want to be able to move around like I used to and I know that it's not possible until I do get healthier and lose the weight. The healthier lifestyle will give me benefits, which include a healthier weight, more energy and simply feeling better.

I am following the Weight Watcher's (TM) Plan and I'm seeing a whole new world before my eyes. I'd like to share this journey with you, posting certain recipes I try, sharing ideas about making healthier choices and simply sharing my journey to living longer. I hope you enjoy my blogs and follow them to see the changes in my life. This is truly a journey for me and I know I'm in the right mind to do it, finally.

Tonight's dinner: Oven roasted Cajun turkey breast with red roasted potatoes. A simple yet delicious, gourmet tasting meal created in an oven roasting bag with very few ingredients! THIS is how dining should be!

I love to cook and will share many of my recipes and pictures of my meals. I hope it inspires others to create healthier versions of the foods you love.

So far I've lost weight every week on WW, with the exception of last week when I stayed the same. I kind of "fell of the wagon" a bit, eating a lot of fast food (which I counted in the program so it was a choice I made and perfectly "legal") and my end result was a zero weight loss. That's ok ,it showed me that I AM in charge of my own life and I CAN have anything I want but with certain consequences. Yes, I know.. that's logic for most people, but for me I tend to just ignore the fact that I have options and choices! It's so much easier to grab a fat, greasy burger, fries and drink then to think out and plan a better for me dinner! But not any more!

My weight loss so far is 5.6 lbs. It's not a lot but I truly am happy with it. My end results are that I know I'm in charge and feel so much better. Tomorrow I weigh in again and will have another loss, I'm certain! I love the program and what I feel like on it.

Tomorrow I also start my radiation, which means it's going to be a busy day. BUT... that means I have to plan and be in charge of my life! And that's JUST what I intend to do!

Here's to another great day on program and a lifestyle that just oozes control and happiness!

Hope to see you all back here soon to share more aspects of this journey. Hopefully we can do it together!


First Time Blogging

In about 24 hours I'll be starting a round of radiation and battling cancer for the 4th time. I haven't said much to others about it, not really for any reason other than I have this verbage I stick to that says..."If you ignore something... it's not there".

Perhaps it's why I love dogs so much, they seem to think along the same lines! "If I can't see you, you can't see me!"

As I was sort of reflecting earlier today I started to wonder what I did to "deserve" this. It's human, a typical reaction when we think life is being unfair. My answer.... perhaps nothing at all. Perhaps what has happened is God is trying to bring me back to life. He seems to think he has to remind me every 4 years or so that life is worth living. Perhaps that's where I am right now?

Perhaps he's reminding my family how special I am to them?

Perhaps... there's not any real REASON at all.

I know one thing.... it's ok to say I'm scared but it's also ok to say I'm not really. Deep down I'm not afraid. I don't have many choices here. I either fight or give up. I choose to fight. It's in my blood.

So for anyone out there not sure what they should do with their life... let me tell you from experience


........ until next time....