Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Time Blogging

In about 24 hours I'll be starting a round of radiation and battling cancer for the 4th time. I haven't said much to others about it, not really for any reason other than I have this verbage I stick to that says..."If you ignore something... it's not there".

Perhaps it's why I love dogs so much, they seem to think along the same lines! "If I can't see you, you can't see me!"

As I was sort of reflecting earlier today I started to wonder what I did to "deserve" this. It's human, a typical reaction when we think life is being unfair. My answer.... perhaps nothing at all. Perhaps what has happened is God is trying to bring me back to life. He seems to think he has to remind me every 4 years or so that life is worth living. Perhaps that's where I am right now?

Perhaps he's reminding my family how special I am to them?

Perhaps... there's not any real REASON at all.

I know one thing.... it's ok to say I'm scared but it's also ok to say I'm not really. Deep down I'm not afraid. I don't have many choices here. I either fight or give up. I choose to fight. It's in my blood.

So for anyone out there not sure what they should do with their life... let me tell you from experience


........ until next time....

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