Monday, August 10, 2009

Great finds for the day!

Today was a strange day as I was finally able to get my "fix" of gym/pool after a week of shutdown (yearly maintenance) and a week before that chronic pain being so bad I couldn't work out except for 2 days that week, tops. So while my friends and family laughed at my "just like a crack addict" antics of searching for "fix", aka a pool, to use until my "regular supplier", aka the gym, could provide! LOL It felt like a holiday as I entered the pool and actually took pictures! What can I say, I'm finally addicted to something GOOD?!

So I spent, almost
7 hours total in the gym. I made 2 visits, so it wasn't like I stayed there & lived. I did however put the most "miles" on I've ever done and believe it or not my back doesn't truly hurt from the extra miles. My legs, on the other hand, definitely believe that I was abusive and shall be turning me in to the authorities I'm sure!

In between gym fixes and running kids to work I decided to check out one of the local Health Food stores. This store is actually quite close to where I live, always righ
t on the way of wherever I may be going, yet I rarely have visited it. In my defense they are slightly higher in a lot of things, price wise, but they also offer a wonderful array of items. They also had a bunch of things that you would normally have to order online (No Pudge Brownies for one) and some things I've seen on Carrots'N Cake Blog that I was dying to try!

I found some great things, and have already eaten one:

The Fit Sm
art Protein Bar! This bar boasts not only 10g of Protein (much needed after my literal HOURS of working out) but another 10g of Fiber! Amazing in itself! At 220 calories for this particular bar, 10g Fiber and 7g Fat (info on actual package I had)this bar is a wonderful choice after a workout! If you're a weight watcher, it works out to be less than 5 points for the Chocolate Chunk. It's also a GREAT way to get a healthy option for a "treat" or re-energize your body after a workout!

Taste: It's not
a chocolate bar and it is a chewy, protein, high fiber bar. That being said I made my mind up ahead of time it was not a "chocolate bar" replacement. Knowing that, my first bite was mixed. My eyes and mind saw "chocolate chunk" and I wanted that flavor, while they also saw the ingredients (mainly being dates) and realized that this was a very good, chewy, slightly gritty like bar. Not bad at all & a nice change from the typical "2 point" bars we Weight Watchers seem to flock to!

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best
I'd rate it a 7


PLUSES: It kills a chocolate crave, it is VERY high in fiber & very filling. Inexpensive and easy to carry with you to
the gym.

MINUSES: Slightly gritty texture, not a full-real chocolate but not bad either.

I also found the Better 'N Peanut Butter that Carrots'N Cake shows quite often. With a VERY low fat content and according to Tina, the Carrots'N Cake site owner/blogger, it is absolutely amazing and very much worth the purchase. We shall see how this one ends, as I'm so full from both the new herbal product I've been testing for my friend W8LossChick and the high fiber, high protein bar I had after my last workout. So I'm definitely going to use the Better'N Peanut Butter tomorrow morning in my OTHER great find... Irish Oatmeal! Can't wait to get a picture of that and share!

I found so
me other items that I will definitely blog about too, an energy bar that my son said ROCKED (I haven't tried mine yet), some yummy looking smoothie/protein drinks and my absolute saviour, the D-Mannose for my UTI from having to swim in a pool that wasn't exactly pristine for my "pool fix"! Click the D-Mannose link for complete info on what it is and how it works. It's pretty amazing for anyone who EVER suffers UTI's, working (generally) in 1-2 days without anti-biotics!

Here's a little array of today's shopping goodies! Can't wait to try them all!!!! I'll definitely be letting you in on how good or bad they are! Everything from the Luna Bar to the Energy Shakes!

Check out my Daily Menu Food Log for a quick glance at what I'm eating to get where I'm at, which is a healthier & therefore thinner ME!

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