Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Luna Sunrise - Buy of the week for me!

I happened upon a GREAT deal today (October 13, 2009) while picking up a few items at my local Wegman's store. They had cases of the Luna Sunrise bars (15 bars to a case) on sale for $6.49! Normal price is $13.49 a case! I was pretty thrilled, however a bit frightened because they offered the sale on one flavor only.... the Apple Cinnamon bars. I also lucked out by finding the one and only case left on the shelf! If they're good I'm definitely going back to buy a case or two more as I'm a HUGE fan of having these type of "bars" on hand to fill in my snack time or after workout times.

It's vital that you keep your body satiated. I can't say this enough and was taught this by my "weight loss mentor/coach", Yvette when she first started to help me through the whole weight loss system. Here's her blog about "protein bars"! Taking the AssistU supplements (all natural, herbal supplements to keep the body's metabolism operating at prime AND keeping the body feeling satiated) was a key start to my weight loss stepping up to the next level. Their site is soon to be open/available fully & the product will be coming at the end of this month if all goes as planned... the website is "in process" now. But part of that satiation & keeping ourselves from having peaks and spikes in our body's energy levels is making sure we continuously have sustenance. These type of bars are a must in my mind & have kept me from falling too far off the wagon many of times!

I'll be adding the Luna Sunrise bars to my "list" of bars I've tried & rated too! Don't forget to stop by that list and check for new items!

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