Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All Natural Healthy Breakfast Sammies

One of my fiance's favorite foods I make are my breakfast sammies. They've become a bit of a "tradition" on weekends here, with our weekend being a day longer than most we get to celebrate together a little longer than regular couples. On Fridays I jump a little "off program" in the sense I don't make sure anything's all natural for my breakfast but I'm pretty sure it's not loaded too much with unhealthy options in the sense that the meatballs are the worse part of my meatball omelet but the sauce is a homemade sauce & meatballs. I no longer opt for the supposed "healthier" fake eggs but instead count the extra point per egg for a whole, natural "what comes outta the chicken" style egg and not something processed into a carton. Basically I end up justifying the fact that it's not all organic or totally unprocessed once a week (sometimes less) to enjoy my big & tasty, delicious meatball omelet.

But that leaves me with Saturday, & Sunday mornings... which we generally eat at home. Some days I make a great buckwheat pancake (I love mine with freshly ground peanut butter on it) and some days I make my breakfast sammies. The problem is, up until now I really did just keep using the highly processed ingredients; being completely ignorant to the fact they carry a delicious, light and all natural sausage!

This is all a progress in process so to speak, and I'm honored to share my new findings (many of you will probably go "DUH" with some of my findings while hopefully a few of you will go "aha!") with my readers. I'm slowly finding affordable, KEY WORD THERE "Affordable", alternatives that are healthy.

Here's the "Remake" of the recipe:

Good Morning Sunshine
Breakfast Sammies (6)

Serves 1

Toast muffin. While muffin is cooking mix 3 egg whites in bowl with spices & flax seed. Cook egg whites until fully cooked.

Heat up fully cooked sausage links (Jones' does offer a patty but my Wegmans doesn't carry them so I use the links, which work fine.. just a little harder to keep in the muffin).

Place egg, sausage & slice of cheese on top of muffin bottom & top with muffin top.

*NOTE: Each of the items pictured are linked to Wegmans website to show you any information.

Other options:
  • add grilled veggies (onions & peppers)
  • you can find other meat alternatives but watch the processing of anything packaged
  • remember if you go meatless you save 2 points® also

Wish me luck! And please feel free to comment and share ideas for trying to live and eat "clean"!

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