Saturday, September 8, 2012

Free Tea Anyone?

Fall is coming quickly in this area and I can't wait. It truly is one of my favorite times of year. My guy and I are going to celebrate with a commitment of love ceremony with fire dancers at one of the most beautiful places in the world to be at - Heron Night Lights in Sherman, NY. The picture on the left is from last year's ending ceremony they had at Heron Night Lights and this year the owner has graciously incorporated our commitment ceremony into the event. We're pretty excited to share our love with God and all of our loved ones. It's so us and I'm hoping for a good healthy night that will allow me to perhaps walk down one of the short trails while my sweetheart holds me tight. Pray for a good health day for this special occasion for me please!!!!!

While we're celebrating our love I'm thinking of ways to start snuggling in for fall and winter. I've been collecting recipes for the crockpot to try and trying to get back to healthy eating. The one thing I love about the cooler months (besides my MS loves it much more than the hot humid summer months) is that I enjoy a cup of tea in the mornings and evenings. But what's better is that you can get 3 free samples from Twinings here! Yes, that's right... FREE.. and THREE!

I'm trying to get back into the swing of working out often in any way I can - of course my most common and least painful way is in the water. My back, which has literally been deteriorating due to cancer treatments, was feeling pretty good for a while with the meds I've been on but of recent I'm getting spasms and a lot of pain again. *sigh* I truly just want "normal".... things like being able to walk those beautiful lit paths at Heron Night Lights and not have to be driven in a golf cart down them. Things like going to hear some of our favorite bands and because the seating isn't comfortable for me being "down" for a good 3 days to even a week with pain so bad I'm puking. Normal things like walking a few blocks when the leaves start to change with my sweetie, when I'm lucky if I can walk from the couch to the kitchen lately without extreme pain and spasms. I get so pissed off at it. I'm not asking for running marathons, just normalcy.

But I won't complain any more.... first off because it does no good and secondly because, well I'm blessed in many other ways.

So I'm trying to get back to my healthy lifestyle I've kind of let slip. I'm enjoying watching my guy get back into basketball season (he plays rec ball at the Y once a week and loves it). And at least having access to the Y to get in the water and alleviate the pain for an hour or so when I can get there. I'm changing my healthy lifestyle approach a little to see if being slightly less "tight" with my eating and allowing the things I like into my life but in limited amounts will help me stay healthy. This means making a "naughty" dish like crockpot cheeseburger soup once a week or maybe once every two weeks and eating my healthier, OMG Melt In Your Mouth Jerky Turkey Burgers and Buffalo Chicken Naan Pizzas the rest of the days.

I will conquer this and get at least some bit of normalcy in my life!!!! I'm determined! (well as normal as you can expect from me ;-)  )

Until next time.... sip some free tea and think of me. Keep healthy and remember if I can do it you can do it because I'm pretty sure I'm a trial for how messed up a body can be and still survive! LOL

Stay Healthy and Happy!