Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Orange Cream and Sausage Pancake Wrap

I have really been enjoying the glories of summer and creating smooth, creamy, cold drinks almost daily!

This morning I decided to create something sort of reminiscent of my childhood days called a Tangerine Freeze. There was a little candy & soda store downtown when I was very small that my mom used to take me to. We'd sit at the counter and order "Tangerine Freezes" for a treat on a hot summer day. They were much like today's Orange Julius type of drink but so much more tasty with a lot of flavor. I think the secret was definitely the "tangerine" instead of orange juice but sometimes you just don't have "tangerine juice" handy! Of course I needed to create it with what I had around (which was organic orange juice & not tangerine juice) but I decided to once again use some of my luscious Oikos Fat Free Vanilla Greek Yogurt to give it a creamy touch. As always, a few ingredients & a blender and I have created a yummy cold morning drink that's filling & delicious!

Orange Cream (2pts)
Serves 1

1/2 cup organic orange juice (1pt.)

zest of 1 orange (this just sort of gave it a little more kick & "orangey" flavor)*not a must if you don't have an orange around or the time to zest it! 

3 oz. (1/2 container) Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt (1pt.)

1/2 cup crushed ice

Simply blend together in a blender until smooth and serve!

I drank my yummy orange cream with a buckwheat pancake (1pt.)  wrapped around a Jones light all natural sausage link (1pt.) & 1/2 slice organic cheddar (1pt.). It's a lot like those pancake/sausage wraps you can get to just nuke, only all natural and a lot lower in calories/fat & points!  For a total of 3 points® I had my breakfast. Another 2 points® for my drink and there was a delightful 5 points® worth of breakfast to take me well into the late morning!

One of the things I love to do is make a batch of 50 cent piece sized buckwheat pancakes (maybe a little larger) and freeze them for the week. My guy gets up in the morning (4 a.m.) and nukes them himself for breakfast & thinks he's in heaven with his homemade pancakes. It's a lot cheaper than purchasing the pre-made/frozen versions of regular pancakes, not to mention none of the chemicals & extra fats! When I get up, a single one usually makes a "wrap" or I will sometimes use 2 pancakes to make a breakfast "sandwich" with a Jones Dairy Farm all natural sausage patty & 1/2 slice of organic cheddar.  As always, I sprinkle my pancakes with the maple brown sugar sprinkles from GFS (Gordon Food Service) and you'd almost swear you were eating one of those "horrible for you" Griddle Sandwiches you can get at a drive thru fast food restaurant in the morning. Literally in about the same amount of time because everything just needs to be nuked and slapped together!

Wish me luck on my journey to "eating clean" and  healthy! 
And please feel free to comment and share ideas for trying to live and eat "clean"!


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