Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not so Healthy Tim Hortons Pumpkin Muffin

It's rare that I will forgo everything in my being and say "just eat it" anymore... but it does happen (and lately I think more often because of some health issues... but that's not really what this blog is about so.....). I've been watching those EVIL, HORRIBLE, MOUTHWATERING ads for Tim Hortons. Now, before I go any further I am NOT downing the company, their product or their entire idea of seducing me with my absolute FAVORITE flavor in the world.....

The ads started, probably late September (possibly before) and I've held strong for a LONG, LONG, time Timmy! But the time has come to just dive's pumpkin... it's a muffin... it can't be THAT bad...... can it?

So I look on their site. Well, let's just say..... IF I do decide to produce this luscious, mouthwatering specimen on my "food log" for the day as a "Breakfast".... it will be a very LARGE breakfast (in terms of points® - we're talking 9... yes, that's correct.. 9 points® for ONE, not really all that large, muffin... but it is PUMPKIN). But NINE POINTS® for a muffin that I am almost 100% positive will NOT take me easily into the next "meal" needed... especially after a workout at the gym. I'm going to be hungry shortly after downing this puppy & definitely after downing it then going to the gym to work it off. That could help me make a "better" choice of just tossing this delightful piece of pumpkin heaven aside.... perhaps?

Wait, workout at the gym...... this means if I run 2 miles in the water instead of just 1.... hmmmm, additional points® options? Let me re-think this? Is it worth it? Hmmmm? I'm thinking..... and will be until tomorrow morning when I either wake up and RUN with all my possible speed (which could count towards more points® being taken off?) towards the evil pumpkin spawn or decided that enough's enough to this "giving in stuff" and grab my Naked Juice (much better for me, gets me my "5 a day" in AND 4 points® lower) & move along to the gym.

Well, you won't know until tomorrow (and that's only if I feel like confessing.. lol) whether or not I delved into this Pumpkin Delite... but I must say this:

My entire reason for writing tonight's blog was NOT to entice others to run to Tim Horton's for a Pumpkin Spice muffin, especially NOT at a whopping 9 points® per muffin (did I mention they are NOT all that freaking big either? LOL), but instead to prove to people that YES... I have lost 77.7 lbs thus far and YES I am such a "good girl" and "do the right things" and "eat the right stuff" and "work out" and so on and so on....... BUT, I am not perfect. YOU are not perfect. Sometimes you simply have to allow yourself to indulge, just not ALL the time.

The difference between "THEN" and "NOW" is that I used to think nothing of making a midnight run to pick up not a single muffin, but perhaps 2 or 3. Sure, I'd eat one at 1am, then sit the other 2 aside for "later" or "morning" or whenever. I wouldn't bat an eye at the fact that it was a calorie loaded, fat laden, not so very high in fiber (2 grams, come on couldn't find SOME way to up the fiber in a freaking MUFFIN?!) article of food that really, to be honest, wasn't all that filling. Heck I couldn't have even TOLD you the nutritional information on that muffin (by the way it's 420 calories, 16g fat & 2g Fiber)! I can't justify eating this kind of stuff all the time & I won't. Neither should you. BUT, you can justify cravings (they are real) and you can justify giving in once in a while... but knowing the consequences & making sure it's not a constant choice in your life any more.

For me, I will PROBABLY end up eating the muffin. I've truly been dying for anything pumpkin... it comes with the fall leaves (dagnabit), it's born in me and I can't help it, so I will PROBABLY give in to my craving. That's okay though, honest it is. I won't feel guilty. I won't be excited that I made a choice that really, really "wasted" a ton of my points®, calories, fats, etc. for the day but I also know that a little extra work at the gym, a little LESS to eat the rest of the day & perhaps even feeling a little on the "hungry" side as a "side effect" of making this poor choice will be my consequences. I also know that gaining 77.7 lbs will NOT be a consequence, because ONE PUMPKIN MUFFIN did NOT put those 77.7 lbs on me that I lost.

It's all a matter of choices, control, options, changes & re-thinking of a lifestyle. If you think that for the rest of your life you are NEVER going to make a "poor choice" in a food item; or, that you are never, ever again going to order that huge, gooey, greasy dinner at the diner that will later make you sick (did that help make it less appealing? LOL) then you are fooling yourself. You are human, we are Americans (or most of us reading my blog are anyways) & living in a world of abundance, over indulgence & inundated with seductive lures to tempt us towards these poor options. What we CAN do is limit how often we give in or better yet, learn how to make BETTER choices.

I am CERTAIN that there is a LOW FAT, HIGH FIBER, pumpkin muffin out there that is NOT so hard to make or find that I can and WILL end up going to more often. Heck, I may even attempt to find it before tomorrow morning and toss that muffin to someone who doesn't 'care' if they eat it, or even share it between my dogs (they're not so picky about their munchies ya know), but even if I do end up eating it this once.... I won't go back again. I will enjoy the muffin and move on... knowing that I have to find a better option for the next time that craving comes along.

By the way..... I will let you know if I give in and eat the muffin in the end. AND I will let you know if I "help" myself out a bit by doing a pretty good workout to help take off some of those calories & fat grams too. I will also drop a line to Tim Horton's and ask them "If you can make a low fat muffin in 2 flavors - "cranberry & blueberry" - then WHY can't you do the same for many, many more flavors... including the pumpkin spice?"

End result, trying to make a difference with companies that give poor options for us to take by letting them KNOW I want better......... making a sound, well thought out choice & realizing the consequences...... and paying the price if I pick the less than healthy option for my morning breakfast "treat". Either way, I'm not going to beat myself up over it... because I am going to live my entire LIFE like this.... trying to make solid, good, choices in my eating habits and when I don't make the best choice.. I'll know it's a once in a while 'treat'.

So next time YOU make a poor choice, have a bad day or even week..... don't beat yourself up. We are human, we WILL make mistakes, but we CAN learn from them and change our way of thinking as to why we make the choices we make & make those choices with informative facts behind them!

By the way...... I did find a 2 pt. Pumpkin Muffin Recipe... here it is!

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