Friday, September 4, 2009

Great New Products! Update September 2009

There are always new and upcoming products that, as a healthy eater, we love to find. One of my biggest weaknesses is ice cream. I will adore the inventor of an "all you can eat" ice cream with flavor & fullness combined with ZERO calories forever... so if you're him/her please let me know... and send me some samples! LOL But until then, for me... finding an amazing, full flavored ice cream that's low in fat & calories is a mission I take on for all of us living a more healthy lifestyle. I'll put on my best "ice cream" face and figure it all out for you.... you can thank me later with a HUGE bowl of ... well... ice cream?

Today I happened upon a new Fit & Active® ice cream sandwich at Aldis. Nutritional info on them is 130 cal./ 1.5g fat / 2g fiber, bringing them in at 2 points a treat. Very comparable to the Skinny Cow® competitors but at a fraction of the price! I'm going to be honest here, there's never too many "low fat, lower calorie" options in ice cream so Skinny Cow® shouldn't fret that they'll be run out of town. They simply will share the shelves in MY freezer!

The newest flavors offered of the Fit & Active® ice cream sandwiches was "Strawberry Shortcake" (2) and "Orange Cream". Unfortunately for me, the only package of "Orange Cream" they had left in the freezer had been thawed, refrozen, thawed again, mixed and slightly re-frozen by the time I got to it. Hopefully they will have them available again soon! If they orange tastes anything like the strawberry I will be in heaven!

So it's definitely a 2 thumbs up and double tummy rub vote for these delightful ice cream treats! If you're looking for affordable, healthy & delicious... the Fit & Active® ice cream sandwiches are a definite must on your next shopping list!

The line of products that Aldis now offers in the Fit & Active® brand is simply amazing. Take a look for yourself, here!

Other faves of mine in this healthy, affordable category is the their turkey bacon, weighing in with Nutritional values of 30 cal/2.5g fat/ 0 fiber per slice. It's a wonderful addition to a low fat burger, a grilled chicken breast or any dish that a little "bacon" can only add even MORE flavor! I'm a bit of a bacon lover myself so I definitely enjoy a touch of this smokey goodness in many of my dishes or sandwiches! And speaking of "burgers" they offer a Fit & Active, lower fat ground burger & ground turkey to help create that wonderful "off the grill" treat!

I'm a HUGE fan of the Fit & Active® treats too. Some awesome, and again inexpensive, options Aldi's is carrying are the Caramel Rice Snacks, their delicious cereal bars and most all of their ice cream products (especially their fudgsicles & ice cream sandwiches). Most every "snack" product they offer comes in around 2 points so they're a great option for a reasonable price. It's not always expensive to "eat healthy".. you just have to search in the right places for the right products!

* As with all recipes points®/calories/fats will vary according to ingredients so please be sure to figure your own nutritional information out according to the packages & information of the products you use.

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  1. We don't have an aldi, darn it. I'm not a huge ice cream fan unless it's covered in a pound of chocolate syrup. lol I did always enjoy the Klondike Slim-a-Bears, but our stores just quit carrying them one day. The Skinny Cow had a chemical taste to me, so I never buy them.

    I'll look in our stores for that brand, though, because the products sound yummy! I haven't had a bacon cheeseburger in a long time, that sounds good!