Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's all in the numbers... or is it?

Everyone starts their "DIET" with numbers. I weigh this much, I need to lose this much, I've lost this much..... all NUMBERS.

But what if we ignored those? What would happen?

Sure, we wouldn't be CERTAIN of how much we've lost exactly BUT we would, instead be rewarded with how much better we feel! We would KNOW by the way we feel if we lost. We could tell by the way our jeans fit, our shirts hung on us, where our belts fastened.

We'd quickly learn that DIETING is a temporary fix, based on numbers while HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is a change in habits & LIFE, resulting in feeling better & ultimately in obtaining a much healthier weight.

Healthy Lifestyle is a lifelong option. Dieting is simply, a temporary fix.

Don't get me wrong, we often NEED the numbers to keep us "honest". I can quite often think I've "eaten healthy" this week, ignored keeping track of what went in my mouth, and convinced myself I remained "on program" so I'm sure I didn't gain. BUT the truth of the matter is, you know by the feel of your body if you've remained "healthy". I will get on the scales that week, have a gain and go "ok, I knew I screwed up" or I'll feel like my stomach is going to fall out one end or the other of my body & think "yup, I knew I shouldn't have eaten that". BUT remember too that NUMBERS lie. Yes, they do my friend. NOT ALWAYS, but sometimes. You might stay on track for healthy eating and have no weight loss. You may have worked out like a mad man/woman and seen no change in the numbers on the scale. You may have eaten the world's largest hot fudge sundae with chocolate chip cookies & whipped cream and "gotten away with it" according to the scale this week. BUT believe me, in the end our body knows what we've done & it will let us know eventually... even if it's AFTER the fact!

That grumbling belly after you scoffed a fast food "chicken because it's healthier - NOT" sandwich & a "few" fries doesn't happen because your body is saying "Thanks my friend, now I'm full & satisfied"! That grumbling belly is a result of eating poorly & your body asking "What the heck are you thinking you moron?" and it quickly tells you that you are NOT eating healthy.

Nobody is perfect. We all have cravings, down moments, binge eating (hopefully lessening as we progress with our healthy lifestyle.. I know mine has) or stress eating that completely obliterates our "HEALTHY" lifestyle option we've chosen to go for. We are not perfect. Did I mention that? But remember this.... we are PERFECTLY in control of our life. WE can decide how often we make bad choices, how good we feel after making good choices and how often we decide to do either.

Sometimes we just need to make that bad choice. That's ok, just don't start depending on that bad choice to make you feel better or take away the pain of something else. Instead, find a GOOD choice to depend upon for that.

A weight loss is always "great" for most of us but what we need to focus on is not the numbers... not how much we've LOST or GAINED (although pay attention to that one first because continuous gains will definitely make us feel poorly) but instead on how great we feel making good decisions about our lifestyle & eating options.

But we also have to be honest with ourselves & decide that just because we made ONE good choice, it is not an open ticket to make several poor choices now. Outnumber the bad choices in your life.... from your food choices, to your acquaintance choices, to your life choices in general and I guarantee you will feel better about your life as a whole!

So start this week out by saying "I won't focus on the numbers as much as I focus on listening to my body about how it feels after I put something in my mouth". The end result, your body usually will NOT lie to you if you listen with open ears, mind & honesty in your heart!

Stay healthy this week!

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  1. I enjoyed this post. Very good writing! You've got the attitude for long term success all the way! Love it!

    I really enjoy following your journey!


  2. We are in the same spot my friend! Pokey things or not we are going to be some hot mamas soon enough!

  3. This was such an AWESOME post! You wrote what my husband has been trying to tell me for the longest time and what I am starting to learn.

    Going on the weight scale should just be used as one of many tools, but not the sole tool to indicate whether we are on track to a healthier lifestyle. Getting on the weight scale on a weekly basis does help me be accountable and being careful of what I eat, but I shouldn't give too much power to the weight scale.

    Dieting is short term. Healthy Lifestyle is long term. It's all about listening to our body and feeling good not based on the weight scale, but because we ate well and exercised. This will definitely be one post that I will have to re-read from time to time to remind myself that I'm not on a sprint to lose weight. It's all about gradual weight loss, changing unhealthy eating habits and just learning to be happy in the body that I'm in right now rather than waiting until I'm a size 10 to be happy.