Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tips on Getting The Day Started

So often the biggest battle of my day is STARTING it right. I'm NOT a morning person, but I've come a long way since I've been with my fiance' I must admit! He IS a morning person... no let me rephrase that... he IS a morning FREAK! LOL  My guy wakes at 4am each day, Monday - Thursday and I'm a freak about MUST waking up with him. Yes, ok.. say it.. I'm a glutton for my own punishment! In my defense I love him so dang much I can't help but WANT to be a part of his morning routine, so I get up with him. I love it, I must admit! When I don't get up with him in the early morning we're both kind of "lost". I've had days when the flu hit or my MS was really bad or pain levels too intense to really do much of anything so I've remained in bed. We're both like lost puppies when I do this so I will admit while I'm NOT a morning person... he's made me love my mornings.

While I may be UP at 4am I'm rarely eating anything before 6am or much later. I'm simply NOT a morning person! I can't eat as soon as I get up and need a little time to get my body "moving" so to speak. Unfortunately, that often leads to sometimes putting off breakfast longer than I really WANT to... aka "being lazy"! All too often I fall prey to putting off breakfast so long because I just don't feel like "making something" that in the end I indulge in a couple of "2 Point® Bars" (Special K® Bars, Fiber One® Bars, etc. that come out to 2 points®) which rarely pull me through until lunch. End result.... nibbling on things I shouldn't or gorging myself with what normally would be healthy "treats".... definitely NOT a breakfast option!

My issue may be somewhat similar to all of you out there that work outside of the house. You're busy, hectic, running around and simply don't have the time to stop and create something healthy, filling AND delicious. It's the age old "never any time for me" and basically why a lot of us have had weight issues... we put everyone else FIRST! 
4 Pt. Cajun Egg White Bagel Sandwich

It's time to STOP and MAKE THE TIME for yourself. I am here to tell you.... if you start your day off with a satisfying breakfast, the rest of the day just seems so much easier to stay on track!

Here are some tips and ideas to make your breakfast a little easier and perhaps healthier, so your day starts off right:
1.  Prepare Ahead - while it sounds logical, we often put off things we can do ahead to make our breakfast literally faster than a "drive-thru"! HOW? Simple... prepare ahead!
    • Chop Veggies and Keep them in baggies so you can quickly toss them into some egg whites for a sandwich or scrambled egg white omelette

    • Make a bunch of pancakes ahead of time (I do this over the weekend usually) and freeze them. It's less expensive than purchasing the frozen types, just as fast and often healthier because YOU know what you're putting into them.  Create different types with a "base" batter as you go along so you have some flavor throughout the week! (Add some frozen berries, bananas, even some chopped up low fat turkey sausage pieces to create a flavorful pancake) BE SURE TO MAKE THE PANCAKE THE PROPER SIZE so your serving sizes are on target and calories or points® are correct! When you're ready to eat them they easily go from freezer to microwave or toaster oven for an instant breakfast!

    • Learn  how to make the "omelette in a bag"! It's fun, easy  and a quick way to cook up some egg whites for breakfast. Kids love this idea!

    • Prepare Breakfast Sammies ahead of time, toss in a sandwich bag and then nuke at home if you have the time or just grab and go to the office with it! It's so easy to simply nuke your sandwich while you're pouring that cup o' Joe in the morning and it keeps you on track with a GOOD breakfast! (Not to mention the money you're saving by NOT doing the drive thru thing... or the calories.. UGH!)

    2.  Think "outside" the breakfast box! - Simply put, you can create "non breakfast" type meals that are healthy and enjoy them. What matters is that you fill your belly, enjoy what you're eating and it's healthy!
    • Breakfast Sandwiches don't have to be put on a bagel or bun, you can use some of those already prepared pancakes as your "bread", with turkey sausage, cheese and a touch of maple syrup (I swear by the Maple Sprinkles by GFS - Gordon Food Service to give my sandwiches and my pancakes that maple flavor without all the calories! A sprinkle is 0 points®!). Bagel thins are wonderful containers for those ingredients you love too, most are only 1 point® each! Naan bread comes in a variety of flavors too and can make an amazing egg white breakfast sammie!
    • Leftover whole wheat pasta with some veggies or even mixed up with some egg whites make a filling and delicious breakfast treat. My fave way to use the leftover pasta is to add 3 egg whites scrambled, cook it up in a fry pan or microwave it all together, add a sprinkle of fat free parm cheese and YUMO!
    • Pizza is one of my favorite food groups... okay so it's not a "food group" but it is one of my favorite foods! I love a slice of pizza (leftover from the night before or so) reheated as my breakfast. Make sure it's a weight friendly pizza and not one loaded with fats, meats, and such! Obviously if it's a slice that's 20 points® it's not figure friendly but some whole wheat crusts with low fat cheeses and lots of veggies makes a great dinner AND a terrific breakfast that's waistline friendly! OR use a Naan bread to create your own pizzas low in calories or points®! Eat half for dinner and half for breakfast the next day!
      Add some of your own ideas of how you make breakfast quick and easy! What are some of your favorite recipes or ideas to get your day started "right" so you stay on track?

      Wish me luck on my journey to "eating clean" and  healthy! 
      And please feel free to comment and share ideas for trying to live and eat "clean" and losing weight by changing to a healthy lifestyle!


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