Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Organics working - Today's Menu

Today's breakfast was so delish and also inexpensive! I started my day with some fat free, organic, Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt! Of course, I sprinkled it with 1/4 cup of Maple Pecan Dream organic Granola. YUMMY! On the Points scale it comes out to about 4 points. Not bad and definitely hits the spot & filling! I was surprised it took me through the ENTIRE morning with ease. It must have been the granola that gave it enough substance to keep me full all morning!

I got the organic yogurt at the Whole Foods Co-op locally for $3.29 and the organic granola for $3.69 a pound. There's easily 4 breakfasts between the 2 items, so it's obviously affordable! Again, I debunk my OWN myth that I cannot eat organic and afford it! YAY myth debunking!

This is day 3 of my de-tox & cleansing. I've increased my dosage to 1 drop, 2x today. Day 1 I was a bit sick, almost flu-like and I could tell I was excreting toxins from my body for sure! Without going into detail my tummy was a bit crazy and I even broke out in sweats, smelly sweats, releasing the toxins. Day 2 I decided to remain at the 1 drop dosage, as the site says to the idea isn't to make yourself sick and I didn't really like it much anyways! LOL So day 2 I remained at 1 drop in the a.m. and yesterday I wasn't sick at all, which means my body's tolerating it. I'm off to take my 2nd dose here shortly, about noonish. I wanted breakfast to settle in me first, as I may be pushing it back out quickly! (Ok, TMI? LOL)

I may hold off on lunch, I'm not sure. I need to let the MMS work on the body and loading it up with food just doesn't sound like a good idea right now. Instead I just snacked on a banana!

Dinner is quick and easy with a homemade (no preservatives at all) red sauce with organic beef over some organic pasta (I buy Wegmans brand organic spaghetti, ingredients: Organic Whole Wheat Semolina, Water - Now those are ingredients you know!) This meal is also known as : Sketti & Meat Sauce! LOL I'm doing a bit of a "no-no" and having fresh Italian bread with it. It's a little more processed than I'd like but as close to unprocessed as I could come up with today. I almost died at the price of the organic, unprocessed breads! I can't afford $6-$9 for ONE LOAF OF BREAD!!!! So I've decided to go with freshly baked breads from a local baker when I can't make my own. THIS would be one of those places where the "myth" of eating organic & clean is too expensive! That's crazy to expect anyone to pay that much for a loaf of bread! Even at $4 I'd have to really debate how much I think it matters! I wish I could afford to buy my breads and rolls unprocessed & organic but it's just not feasible for me! So I'll generally buy locally baked breads and rolls from bakeries here in Erie!

The Wegman's spaghetti nutritional values ROCK! 2 oz. serving size (comes out to about 1 cup cooked) is 200 Calories, 1.5g Fat and 5g of fiber! Yes, that's 5g of fiber! How can you not love it!? That works out to be 3 pts. plain, add pts for the sauce and beef (kept to a minimal because it's a low fat beef & sauce made from real tomatoes & spices, cooked down & not filled with oils)! I have noticed this pasta, as opposed to the white, processed type cooks a bit quicker and gets a bit stickier so I rinse it quickly! That's the only real difference, other than color, and once you hide it in sauce you barely notice the color. Even my guy says it tastes "normal"!

Wish me luck! And please feel free to comment and share ideas for trying to live and eat "clean"!

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