Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black 'n Blue Bacon Cheeseburger (7)

Black 'n Blue Bacon Cheeseburger (7)
1 Arnold's Sandwich Thin®(1) - toasted if desired
4 oz. 95% Fat Free Black Angus Hamburger patty (4)
2 Tbls. fat free Feta cheese (0)
2 pieces center cut or turkey bacon (cooked crisp) (2)
A squirt of fat free Blue Cheese Dressing

Simply cook the beef patty to desired doneness. Slide burger onto the Arnold's Sandwich Thin®, add 2 slices of cooked center cut bacon, 2 Tbls. Fat Free Feta & a drizzle of fat free Bleu Cheese Dressing. You've re-created the Wendy's Bacon 'n Blue Burger ® without all the fat & calories!

My inspiration for this burger was the Wendy's Bacon 'n Blue Burger®. On their website this burger comes in with 680 Calories, 40g fat & 3g fiber! (16 points® *gasp*) Can you say a day's worth of fat plus some?!!! YIKES! My version is a MUCH more fat friendly, calorie friendly treat for 7 points®! Heck you could eat TWO and have 2 points® left at that rate!

Check out my Daily Menu Food Log for a quick glance at what I'm eating to get where I'm at, which is a healthier & therefore thinner ME! While I don't always keep it up to date.. I do give you some different ideas of what might help you change up your daily menu!

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*Note I am not affiliated nor endorsed by Weight Watchers® at all, in any way. I highly recommend their program and cannot say enough GOOD about it, but I also have decided that they were my "stepping stone" to making a change in my lifestyle. Any mention of Weight Watchers®, their program or their term of "points®" does not mean they have approved, seen, or endorsed anything on my blogs.
Also, if at any time Points® are mentioned it is always with the assumption that you will analyze the recipes, foods, ingredients and figure the points out specifically for your consumption of any product, as ingredients may vary by brand, size, etc. and Points® is a registered trademark of the Weight Watchers® company.


  1. Congratulations, on your remarkable weight loss. I have just begun my journey to get in shape and you are an inspiration.

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss success. I really enjoy your blog and the great recipes. I am in my 61st week of my weight loss journey and became a Life member last June after dropping 60 pounds. I'm still tracking and attending meetings to remind me to stay on track.

  3. Thanks Michelle & Hillman... I'm very human, fall off often but have finally begun to realize it's a LIFESTYLE not a diet. I honestly enjoy the new me and the new feeling of being in charge. I was out of control with food.

    I still LOVE food and refuse to give up things I love... just learning how to maintain a healthy approach at enjoying them!

    I love the challenge of taking something I think I'd LOVE but know it's unhealthy and re-creating it to be a healthy option!!!