Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bacon Onion and Smoked Gouda Cheeseburgers

Bacon, Onion & Smoked Gouda Cheeseburgers (9)
1 FlatOut "Fold It" Sandwich Wrap (1)
4 oz. 95% Fat Free Hamburger patty (4)
2 oz. reduced fat smoked gouda (2)
2 pieces center cut, canadian or turkey bacon (cooked crisp) (2)
1/2 sweet onion (caramelized)
lettuce (use a bib lettuce or a lettuce mix to get some other veggies in there)
Any other veggies you desire (tomatoes, etc.)

Simply cook the beef patty to desired doneness. Slide burger onto the FlatOut Wheat Sandwich Wrap, place smoked gouda slice on top, slather on tons of grilled, sweet onions and some lettuce. You've re-created the BackYard Burger® version of this delicious burger without all the fat & calories! *(Note the picture of the burger is one from the Flatout bread site and not one of my burger... I didn't take the time to click a pic of the burger I created... wish I had and promise to do so next time!)

My inspiration for this burger was the Backyard Burger® Smoked Gouda burger... they won't even POST the nutritional values for this puppy but suffice it to say that a similar burger of theirs (with cheddar instead of gouda) comes in at a whopping 1170 calories, 79g fat and 3g of fiber according to their website! Does the points® calculator even WORK with those numbers or does it just explode (like your waistline)!?!?!?! By the way.. those numbers come in at about 29 points® for ONE burger! Um, hello that's a DAYS worth of points® for most people, if not more!!!!!! Putting mine on a wheat FlatOut sandwich wrap, omitting the mayo alone and using a low fat beef blows this burger out of the "healthy" waters and into the sinking depths of the obese.. I mean, abyss, it belongs in!!!!! I'm not hatin' on the BackYard® Burger version, just saying... maybe it's a great way to be inspired to create something healthier for yourself!? They've inspired quite a few versions of burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches for me to be honest and I will sometimes grab one of their Hawaiin Grilled Chicken sandwiches (no mayo, only 1/2 a bun) for a fairly nice main dish... I just have to remember to stay away from those chili cheese fries!

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*Note I am not affiliated nor endorsed by Weight Watchers® at all, in any way. I highly recommend their program and cannot say enough GOOD about it, but I also have decided that they were my "stepping stone" to making a change in my lifestyle. Any mention of Weight Watchers®, their program or their term of "points®" does not mean they have approved, seen, or endorsed anything on my blogs.

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