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Product Reviews for November

I'm one who tends to jump quickly to purchase "new" products that fall in my "low cal, low point, low fat" category & especially if they are a product that replaces some of my "trigger foods" (bread is my biggest, sweets/ice cream another huge one for me). I also feel that, quite honestly, I will purchase something that is good for me & good tasting for a slightly higher amount of money IF I feel it's worth it and here are some things I've found are DEFINITELY worth it!

I've rated the items on a scale of 1 to 5 stars ***** so you can tell HOW worth it I find the product, but ANY product listed on this list IS (in my opinion) worth purchasing! I would say a 5 Star product is one I purchase CONSTANTLY and would highly recommend while a 1 star is one I purchase FREQUENTLY but not ALL THE TIME and still would highly recommend.

It doesn't make my list if it's NOT worth buying. That's the "OTHER LIST".... and as a manufacturer you do NOT want to be on that list! LOL

Great Products You Will DEFINITELY want to try!

Most pictures of the product will provide a link to their product page!

  1. 5* Arnold's Sandwich Thins - these babies are ALWAYS in my fridge (keep better there, not that I have to worry about shelf life as they're usually gone within literally a day per package!) I can currently find them in rye, multi-grain, & multi-grain white (my family's fave as they're white bread freaks)- Nutritional Info: Multi Grain White- Cal. 100/ Fat 1g / Fiber 5g - Click their logo to go to their Sandwich Thins page!

  2. 5* Wegman's 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese - another staple in my fridge it has the full melting power of a full fat cheddar, the full taste & definitely makes it impossible for even the snobbiest of cheese snobs to tell it's not the full fat thing. (I am a cheese snob, believe me). I purchase the Wegman's brand as it's generally lower in price but I have also used brand name versions of 2% cheeses that, for the most part in most brands, tends to be just as good... but why pay more? - Nutritional Info for Wegman's 2% Sharp Cheddar Slices (per slice): Cal. 50/ Fat 3g / Fiber 0g

  3. 3 1/2* Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches - I am a confessed ice cream-aholic! These are the safest bet for me to keep in my fridge (individual serving sizes, very controlled) and come in a variety of flavors (click on the pic to go to their page that lists the many flavors)! My favorite is the vanilla sandwich but they come in so many different styles & flavors you'll want to try each of them. I LOVE when I can find them by the "case" for $9.99 at Wegmans, as opposed to the individual packages that contain I believe it's 6 sandwiches. I give it a 3 1/2 Star rating because there are other options out there that are nearly identical in flavor & nutritional value at a slightly less cost, mainly the ones from Aldi's (click here to see my review on that product) but all in all they're a must have in my freezer! - Nutritional Info: Cal. 140/ Fat 2g/ Fiber 3g

  4. 2 1/2* Xenergy by XYIENCE Premium Energy Drink - this product is fairly new to the market. I am a big fan of energy drinks but ONLY if they are sugar free and aren't loaded with tons of caffeine. I don't suggest using them regularly/daily but I do use them often after or before a nice hard workout (most all of my workouts are done in the pool, but once in a while I will box a little & that really wears me out) to replenish your energy & strength. What I love most about this energy drink is that it's based mainly on replenishing your body with Vitamin B & not loading it up with a ton of caffeine & sugar! Yes, it DOES contain caffeine and YES it should be used with some intelligence. It also happens to be the "Official" Energy Drink of the UFC (which is actually why my SON tried it & turned me on to the product to be honest) but by no means does that instantly mean it's great, simply because of the product endorsement! I've tried the Cherry Lime flavor and love it. It has a little tingle from a slight carbonation (not a lot as I dislike carbonated drinks for the most part) and the flavor is very good. No BURSTS of energy but gives a nice level pick up for at least a few hours. It's not a "staple" in my house but it is often going to be used when I'm coming to or from the gym!

  5. 3* Emerald 100 Calorie Pack Cocoa Roasted Almonds - these are a great 2 point treat to have handy. I like to take them with me in my purse, just in case I have any times when I need a snack or nothing is available that would be a good choice these are great "go-to" items! While they're not ALWAYS in my cupboard, I try to keep a box around. Everyone, on or off Weight Watchers loves them too! - Nutritional Information (1 pack): Cal. 100/ Fat 8g/ Fiber 2g

  6. 5* Boca Bruschetta Burger - this is a real staple in my freezer (although so hard to find anymore!) because these babies not only are tasty (I'm not a typical meatless burger fan but the Bruschetta Burger is packed with flavor) but they come in at only 1 pt. per burger! Add that to an Arnold's Sandwich Thin and you have an amazing 2 pt. snack or meal, GREAT for those days you seem to eat all your points by 2pm! I add a dollop of fat free ranch to my bruschetta burger for a little flavor & prefer to grill my burger, just for the texture. They're easily microwavable also, my daughter does this often, and so yummy for so few calories! - Nutritional Information (1 burger) - Cal. 90/ Fat 1.5g/ Fiber 5g

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