Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sharing my Laughter

Anyone who knows me at all knows that the past, let's say, 8 years, of my life have been non-stop battles, physically. While I don't even count the day I was diagnosed with MS(13 years ago) because I am so very, very blessed to have it mildly and truly it is not an issue MOST days, the past 8 years have been a constant battle with my body.

Oddly enough I was the Poster Child for "Perfect Health" as a child. Never sick, not even colds, athletic, always a bit chubby but not HUGELY obese, not even as much as chicken pox!

Then the battles with cancer started. Slowly but surely my body just seemed to fight me tooth & nail with everything from gall bladder issues to the 5 bouts of cancer (of which really pissed me off and I beat it over and over again... so don't come back.. or I'll kick your ass again, just so ya know). Sorry, I always have to remind the "Big C" that I'm boss!

So, that quick synopsis brings me to yesterday.......

Always sort of a joke that my body is always falling apart, just finding new ways is the norm for me. Yesterday I had a friend that went to the ER with bronchitis & I offered to not only pick up his 'scripts for him but some snacks he felt certain would help him feel better. I do not recommend Cheetos & Coke to anyone for getting better, but we'll let him think it was the Cheetos and Coke as opposed to the meds ok?

So while waiting for the 'scripts to be filled the clerk informs me "Well, if you're not shopping, perhaps you'd like to take advantage of the free bone density testing we're doing?" I laughed, thinking "Oh if you only knew, I'm certain it would confirm my bones are nearly gone and I will become gel soon", but I smiled and said "Well, perhaps after a 'pottie' run". Yes 'pottie'... I can't help I'm still a kid at heart and will always be a mother!

So I come back, still a good 10-15 minutes to wait so I see this poor girl twiddling her thumbs, looking around and glancing at me sitting there waiting with these "oh please just come get this done so I have something to do" eyes. I smile and politely say "Well, you look bored, I have 15 minutes to waste, let's do this!"

First off, for anyone who has not had a bone density test done it's very non-evasive. There's no real "undressing" (ok, naked foot, that's the most) and no pins or pokes or stuff. It's pretty blase as "medical testing" goes but hey, after 8 years of everything but blase I was thinking... wooohooo!

So now the great part.... and I'm telling you, for ME this is a celebration! LOL

The results of the test were remarkable. The woman says to me "Um, how old did you say you are? I think I put the wrong age down", at which I immediately responded, "Oh my goodness, so I'm more like a 95 year old than a 45 year old?" She chuckled and said "Just the opposite. As she pulls the results off the machine she shows me where a... now read these words well.... YOUNG ADULT FEMALE would rank and points those words out to me. I respond with, "So, I'm like way down here then at the other end of the scale?" She cracked up and said "Actually, you're ABOVE that! Your bones are more like an 18 year old! I about died laughing. I quickly announced that I would need a copy, signed affidavit and frame to put it all in that ONE PART of my body was NOT falling apart! LOL We talked about why my bones could be so strong, especially since my spine is "crumbling" from radiation (huge doses of radiation) and cancer treatment which I assumed broke down all my bones.

So the joke for the day, heck for the rest of my life is, "While I'm falling apart, at least I know I won't break a hip!"

Perhaps this is my sign from God that my body is finally going to start behaving? I've been eating healthy, most times, losing weight on the Weight Watcher program & slowly trying to become active (as active as my body will allow at this point with my chronic pain).

So I say "Thanks God! Thanks for the reminder that I AM doing SOMETHING right!"


  1. Just the fact you continue to go on is a testament to how truly blessed you are. I am not religious so I hope this does not offend.

    Cheers - to 18 year old bones!!


  2. I don't push my "religiousness" on anyone. I have beliefs that would make a "Christian" roll over in their grave but I have my own thoughts on the world & my own beliefs. That's why I'm lucky enough to be in the USA, in a free country, where I don't judge others in their beliefs either!

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. What a fantastic test result! Feels great I bet!
    You're doing fantastic. Bless you for keeping such a positive upbeat personality in the face of such ailments. You're a strong individual my friend!

    Take care and God Bless,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  4. You are so inspiring, I am so glad that we met! Praises for such strong bones!