Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time for BROWNIES!

All too often I see posts and blogs about the infamous "No Pudge" brownies and think "Ya know, I'm gonna have to order those". The reality is, ordering food items to stock your shelves via the internet just isn't "real" in my world. I like to run to the store, pick up what I need, shop for savings, etc. and get out. I want it NOW, not later when it comes delivered to my door. Sure, it's got some advantages, no gas, no running, etc. but the mere fact that you can't have something when you want it (NOW) is just such a turn off for me.

So I went on a mission to find store bought brands of similar brownies, fat free. I was quickly and easily surprised on with the first store I hit, Wegmans, when I saw the Krusteaz brand, Fat Free Fudge Brownies. The only ingredient you add is water! Couldn't get any easier than that. One box makes an 8x8 pan, with 16 servings. That's a decent sized 2" square brownie for the mere price of a few weight watcher points! The nutritional values on the box state that one 2" brownie is 120 Calories/0g Fat/0g Fiber, making it double delicious!

I took mine one step further and put some fat free fudge topping (2 Tbls. spread thinly)on top with a few heath bits. When I figured it out in the points finder it added less than one point onto the entire batch of brownies and makes a HUGE difference in how decadent they are! It literally is so sweet and gooey you need a glass of milk with it! Now that's a comfort food moment if I've ever seen one!
You can also add some PB2 to the mix before baking, creating a peanut butter brownie. Of course, you have to add the PB2 points value to the entire batch and divide by 16 (still comes very, very cheap).

So what's my snack for tonight? You guessed it... a decadent, chocolate fudge brownie with fudge topping and heath bits on top. Heck, I might even have TWO!

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