Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An easy way to oven fries... Gourmet style!

I call these little blessings "Oven Fries with Class". Alexia brand potatoes are a dream come true for anyone with even a little "gourmet" in their blood. The quick and easy side dish is one of my favorite "go-to's" and are a staple in my fridge! One serving is 8 potato wedges and with nutritional values of 120 calories/3.5g fat and 2g fiber (each style differs), they come in low on the points scale for the Weight Watcher plan!

The bag I show here are the "Oven Reds" but the varieties are endless with Alexia Oven Fries with Olive Oil, Parmesan & Roasted Garlic (my fave), Alexia Oven Fries with Olive Oil and Sea Salt, Alexia Oven Fries with Olive Oil, Rosemary & Garlic, Alexia Oven Fries with Olive Oil, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Pesto plus a whole lot more! Their Sweet Potato fries are to die for also! One of my absolute faves, salted and then sprinkled with my "Maple Cinnamon Sprinkles" from GFS (Gordon Food Service). These Sweet Treats kill that salty/sweet craving anytime in a point friendly manner! I pick my Alexia Oven Fries up at Wegman's stores locally. Check the Alexia website at http://www.alexiafoods.com/products.html?category_id=6 to see the styles and nutritional info on each type. They also have an area to check who carries them locally for your area!

These oven style fries favor a "steak fry" style and, when coupled with your favorite frozen veggie, can be a hearty main dish or side dish too! I love to open a bag of frozen cauliflower, toss them into the empty bag the fries came in and shake, place on the cooking sheet with the Alexia fries and bake as directed. The end result is a mixture of nothing but flavor! With little to no effort you have a point friendly addition to your grilled chicken or even the Specialty Diner Meatloaf Muffins I've posted before!

Now THIS is dining!

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