Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrating Our Birthdays

This past weekend was "our" birthdays... mine July 16th & my sweetie's July 18th.  We have tended to make a long weekend out of it and this was no different. We started on Thursday and went through Monday. LOL  Okay so an EXTRA long weekend. I am so lucky. I have a wonderful "Sister In Law" - whom I just call my sister because technically my guy & I are not married nor will we ever be until we're both retired at least and because she's just like a sister.  Her son, our nephew, also celebrates his birthday around ours so she invited us up to enjoy lasagna, drinks and cheesecake which started our "celebration" on Thursday. Yes, I ate all of those things and I did not gain an ounce. As a matter of fact all weekend we partook of quite a few delightful items only in smaller portions and we hit the gym (in my case the pool as I've explained so many times before) to work out.  We loved having the extra time to do what we wanted for as long as we wanted and I literally spent HOURS in the water. For me this is like a slice of heaven on earth..... okay that and the Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake & the Cheesecake. LOL   My lesson in this paragraph:  YOU CAN EAT THINGS THAT ARE "BAD FOR YOU" BUT YOU CAN'T EAT THE ENTIRE CHEESECAKE OR THE ENTIRE DQ CAKE! PORTION CONTROL AND BURNING IT OFF WHEN YOU'RE DONE CREATES THE PERFECT COMBINATION TO KEEP FROM GAINING!!!!!  *Side note here... I would have LOVED to enjoy both the entire cheesecake and the entire DQ Cake as I am a sweets-a-holic.  Instead of waking and enjoying leftover DQ cake for breakfast, I awoke and had a good for me, organic bowl of Banilla Low Fat Yogurt with Fiber One (technically I buy Wegman's Fiber Essentials which is much cheaper) for breakfast and got my creamy, sweet flavoring.  Was it a DQ cake? Hellz no.  But was it good?  Double hellz yeah!  End result almost a week of "misbehaving" as some would see it (I don't) but doing extra hours in the water and actually I lost 0.8 lbs.   So let me recap this... I ate out almost every day of the week from Thursday THROUGH Monday.  I ate cheesecake.  I ate lasagna. I ate a steak (purchased the smallest one & cut it in half & accidentally dropped it.. oops on the floor so it was inedible) with steamed veggies (which I didn't really eat a ton of & mashed taties (which I ate all of).  I ate 2 pieces of DQ Cake (but normal sized pieces not 1/2 the cake per slice, nor did I allow myself to go back to eat more and more and more).  I also filled up on some good foods in the mornings to take me through the day so my portions would be reasonable.  I filled up on things like my organic yogurt with fiber cereal in it (did I mention that already? LOL), LaraBars = high protein and filling, took me well into late afternoon. When I was craving some sweetness I gave in to a fiber bar and not a candy bar (which I had eyed up at the checkout I might add) or once again my love and addiction - Stonyfield Banilla Yogurt with a few carob chips or a few Fiber One Caramel Delight pieces of cereal in it.

I  will confess to spending more than "normal" times both at the gym/pool - I was truly in heaven doing that because it was hot out plus I just love being in that water.  When I'm in the water I literally NEVER stop moving. I go to the deep end and if nothing else tread water for over an hour on top of whatever "exercising" I do.  I also confess, *smile included*, to spending a few more hours um... snuggling with my man & burning some calories too.  May I add that this is a WONDERFUL way to burn calories and stretch muscles... just saying. Celebrating has become more of an occasion than it ever was before for my/our birthdays yet we didn't really "buy" each other gifts or over indulge in huge cakes made for 20 people and only shared with 5 others.  We bought an ice cream cake to last the entire weekend that was made to feed 10-12 and fed 9 of us (keeping normal portion sizes).  We dined out together with friends and alone but ordered using our brains. I didn't go for the fried things and eat double portions that were brought out.  I did however indulge in some spinach artichoke dip (everyone gasp.. do you know the calories, the fat, etc. in this?!) but I didn't wipe out the entire bowl myself.  Three of us enjoyed it and had some left, of which the waitress asked if we wanted to take home and I quickly answered NO.  Any other time both myself and my sweetie would have answered YES thinking (a.) We paid for it, we're eating it all - But instead this time thinking "We paid for it and enjoyed it immensely, that was good, now we're done!" and (b.) We can eat that again later! - Instead realizing that we treated ourselves this time and that's all we needed.  Again, the lesson here is that celebration (as long as we are American or heck even 90% of the human race) revolves around food. We're not going to change that. It's expected. I'm certain if I had invited everyone over for an hour at the gym to celebrate our birthdays they would have looked at me like I was from Mars.  It's okay that we expect to celebrate with food but what we need to do is rethink how much food, how often, how big of portions and most of all what do we do to compensate for the indulgence?  In our case we truly would have fallen in the class of over-indulging a bit but then again in comparison to our old lifestyle we weren't even close to what we would have done. I would have eaten that entire 9 oz. steak! I would have eaten 2 DQ Cakes to celebrate (1 for day 1 with friends & 1 for day 2 with friends). I would have had that 2nd piece of lasagna easily, without even thinking. Instead I stepped away from the food and played with the kids and laughed. My end result was still indulging in some wonderful foods that I don't have often but love and also finding as much enjoyment in the company and the workouts (I use that word in a much different sense than others I'm sure) at the gym/pool to make up for the over indulgence.  In a nutshell..... We Have Changed Our Way Of Life!

On the "Weight Loss Front" I am at about 118 lbs lost thus far (I know I have to update my bar on top). I seem to be keeping that nasty 8 lbs that kept fluctuating back and forth off finally.  I also am reviewing a new book for an author called "Eat All Day - Drink All Day: A Never-Hungry way to get slim and stay slim" by D.G. Long.  At a glance the book has some great recipes in it and it may be just what I need to continue my thought process on my lifestyle while changing up some foods. You'll have to check out my Book Blog listed below when I'm done with it to see how it's worked for me and what I think.  I won't lie about a book, believe me. What I will do is find the positives in it as much as possible because I think anyone who takes the time to write and publish a book deserves that before they deserve to be beat down for the bad points; but I will point out what I find to be the bad points too if needed.

The love of my life is at about 48lbs off so far (since April 2011) and was amazed he lost this week. Again this is a man who went from eating healthy foods when he met me (he had no choice) but in huge quantities to eating healthy foods in proper portions AND moving again. He had gone 30 years since he'd even seen the inside of the YMCA nearby and together we've made it a regular stop at least 3-4 times a week or more.  He loves the new lifestyle, the way he feels and he glows when he tells others about how he's changed.  There's so much to be said about changing your lifestyle, not just dieting again. He decided this "long weekend" would be a real off the typical lifestyle weekend but in the end he realized how much different we think now that our typical lifestyle is so much healthier. He couldn't wait to get to that gym every day he was off. It was unreal. He's looking so good and feeling sooooo much better too. That's the most important part.  I could care less about a big belly or a big butt, etc.  What I want is the healthy aspect of it. I want to avoid diabetes, cholesterol drugs and blood pressure medications if we have the ability to do so.  I think we are finding out we definitely have the ability to do so and the byproduct of this change in lifestyle is that the weight is just coming off.  He weighs himself weekly or so. I weigh myself once a month anymore. I don't really care what the weight is, I can tell by the way I feel and my body itself.  To me it's the same if I lose 2 lbs or 12 lbs, I feel better.  Yes, it does feel good to watch my clothing change in the way it fits or go try on a size I've been in for the past 8 months or so and realize it's too big but I don't bank on the numbers. I bank on the feeling & I encourage you to do the same.

I leave you with this thought.... if you're on the line about "dieting" I say this: Don't do it!  Dieting is not a lifestyle.  Dieting is a life change that is temporary.  Instead think long and hard about your life and how you can change completely, wholly, to bring out the real you that God created.  If I can do it, you can do it.  If the love of my life can do it, you can do it.  Most of all, if you have even an ounce of love for yourself and those around you... you can do this.  Make the choice to change your lifestyle not just start "dieting" because it's really true that DIETING begins with 3 letters that just proves you are going to feel deprived "DIE" and you don't want to DIE... you want to LIVE.  Changing LIFEstyle begins with the words you want to.... LIFE.  Best of luck and please feel free to share your ideas, your recipes, your thoughts here on how you are becoming a more healthy person by changing your lifestyle.

Wish me luck on my journey to trying to "eat more clean" and  healthy! 
Take care of the one body God gave you, please... before it's too late.
Inspire someone you love to do the same.
And please feel free to comment and share ideas for trying to live and eat "clean" and losing weight by changing to a healthy lifestyle!


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