Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Think "Thin"

All too often I find myself "thinking fat". Let me begin by saying I really don't care if the word "fat" is P.C. or not. If you cannot grasp that "fat" is not only a realistic state of being for most of us in America & most of North America in general, then you're in denial. If you're offended by that word then I'm going to guess it's because you "fit" it. I do. I know I do. BUT I'm trying to NOT fit that word, not just in size & weight but in mind. And I'm succeeding!

Fat and thin are definitely a state of mind, along with a numbers game. The reality is, "thin" people or people who are their correct weight tend to have an entirely different state of mind than "fat" people. As a fat person, I will think almost 24/7 about food. I will attach food to nearly everything in my life, from feelings to actions & events. The easiest thing for anyone "fat" to do is to immediately make the comment "well we ALL revolve around food & everything we do revolves around it! How can I NOT eat constantly?" The answer is actually much easier than you think and once you CONQUER that state of mind, you're going to realize that it's not impossible to enjoy food without LIVING for it! I do see a difference in my own actions when I'm "thinking thin" and those are the weeks that I have a loss, feel my best & feel most alive!

My youngest daughter is what one would consider "tiny". She's the furthest thing from "fat" that anyone could possibly be and I'm certain that much of that is simple genetics. She was fortunate enough not to have inherited my "large" genes, while I've maintained on my own in that category quite well! But the one thing I started noticing was that we were always commenting "Lord girl, you can out eat a 500 pound man!" and that wasn't exactly "wrong". She was constantly eating; while I, on the other hand, rarely ate. She was perfect in size while I was seriously obese. What's wrong with that picture? As a "fat" person I've heard every single other fat person I know comment those same words. "I just don't get it, I DON'T eat! HOW can I be so fat!?" And that is the BEST excuse to continue your path of an unhealthy lifestyle you could ever find! It's SO logical! But SO wrong!

The reality of it all is that fat people really don't eat! Well, not "often". Instead we starve our bodies, creating a "Catch 22" of putting our body into starvation mode, holding onto every ounce of fat & calorie that enters it! Then we wait until we're famished, ready to eat the first thing that doesn't run from our grip and we down it quick, fast & without even tasting it. THAT, my friends is a true statement for any fat person no matter how hard or much you want to deny it. We continue to fool ourselves into thinking we don't eat much... we just have these horrible bodies that won't cooperate with us & continue to "make us fat". It's time to realize otherwise!

If you watch "thin" people around you, you will notice that they eat often. They listen to their bodies when their bodies say "I'm hungry". End result? They don't overeat, they eat just enough to feel satisfied & they keep their metabolisms moving. They "think thin". They go to social functions but NOT to see what's on the buffet. They DO stop by the buffet and grab something IF they're hungry and yes they DO have moments of just pigging out because they're having horrible cravings, etc. but they don't have them often because their body feels satiated more often than not.

So, I've decided it's time to "THINK THIN". How do I do this?

  1. FOOD is not the enemy! You need food to live. Your body needs food to run. When you deny it food, you deny it energy & it retaliates on you. You need to eat, it's a matter of WHAT you eat & eating every 3-4 hours.

  2. Listen to your body! If you have a bit of hunger, take care of it. Generally, once you get in the habit of having something to eat every 3-4 hours your body is going to tell you "I'd like a little snack" in between "meals".

  3. Make GOOD food choices. Have "snacks" of high fiber & low fat handy. Keep them in your gym bag, your car, your purse, on your night stand, wherever you find yourself "in need".

  4. Get rid of "junk" foods but replace them with "good" foods that are similar. For example if you crave sweets & find comfort in them, do you honestly think you're going to stop eating them and NEVER touch another sweet again in your life? NO! Replace something "sweet" with a 100-200 calorie low fat, high fiber bar (Kelloggs bars, Fiber One bars, Oatmeal Squares, Kashi bars - are some of my favorites!) They will kill any desire your sweet tooth has in most cases!

  5. Watch "portions". Eat a "portion" and wait, let your body work the food & tell your mind that you're satisfied.

  6. Don't overeat constantly! You don't have to feel "full" all the time. That's really, if you think about it, NOT a good feeling to walk around with! Feeling "satisfied", however, is a great feeling and one that helps you keep your portions under control.

  7. Attend & hold "social functions" without focusing on food. Put the time and effort into the social aspect of the event. Sure, you can have snacks or even dinners planned but make sure the snacks & dinners are healthy choices (not crazy, unrealistic healthy but healthy in the sense of flavorful, smaller portioned, high fiber when possible & low fat).

    If you're attending a function focus on the guests attending with you, the event itself & keep your hands busy with holding a glass of water or other low cal drink while enjoying conversation. Offer your services to the host/hostess, perhaps you'll make sure everyone's glasses are kept full or the gift table is kept neat & tidy, etc. Focusing on the event will help you put less focus on the food. But don't DENY yourself the fun of the food either. With proper timing you can enjoy a small piece of cake at that birthday party but avoid the chips & dip before hand. If you deny yourself every time you have a social function you'll start to consider social functions as the "bad guy" to healthy eating. You can't allow that! Learn how to socialize AND have foods around,without feeling out of control. It takes time, and you will have times that you simply can't do it, but that's okay... you're not perfect!

  8. Don't forget to get active! You don't have to have a gym membership, although I find that's the best way for me to make sure I get some activity in because I'm limited as to what I can do. I can walk for a mile in the pool where the weight is off my crumbling spine but to walk in the mall for hours I'd nearly die! So you have to find what your "activity" level is & create options where you are inspired to "move" instead of just sit! At parties & gatherings, give up your seat for the better portion of the event just to walk around and socialize! The constant moving not only gets you involved with conversation & fun but keeps you from standing at the food table the entire time! Park your car at the end of the row instead of the beginning, closest to the store. Walk that extra few feet each time and at the end of a year it adds up to miles you've put on to "take it off"! Find the incentive to get out and walk, even in cold weather! You would be surprised how beautiful a fresh snowfall is at night when the world seems to be huddled inside. The quiet beauty is not only peaceful and de-stressing, but can inspire you to bundle up an extra layer and get out there in it!

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