Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life Line to Water!

A huge part of creating a healthy body is learning to keep your body nourished and replenished. Water is a big part of that replenishing.

Did You Know?
"Because most food contains a large amount of water, you obtain approximately 3 1/2 cups from what is eaten over the course of a day. Interestingly, the body's metabolism itself is another source, since -- as it makes and uses energy -- one of its daily byproducts is about 1/2 cup of water. So, if you add up your losses (two cups for the lungs, two for sweating, and six for the intestines and kidneys), you come up with a total loss of ten cups ... not counting any excess lost through perspiration during exercise. Therefore, taking into account the approximately four cups provided by food and metabolism, the average person needs to drink six to eight cups of water daily just to keep functioning well."
-- Mother Earth News
I will be the first to tell you, I am not a fan of drinking water. Plain ol' tasteless water over and over, quart by quart, all day long?! Paaahlease!!!!

But I finally found something that helps me get my water in and doesn't load up on empty calories and flavorings. What I like most about it is that there is a hint of flavor, but not overwhelming like drinking a Kool-Aid® type drink.

Sobe® Life Water (0 cal) has truly become one of my best friends! There's Fuji Apple Pear, Black and Blue Berry and a Yumberry Pomegranate currently available in my area.

I used to be known for always carrying around a huge diet Pepsi® with me no matter where I went. I was never without it. Now, I'm the "Life Water Queen" and I have to admit, losing 6 lbs. in one week just by giving up that bloating diet soda was well worth it! Not to mention I now have something that truly quenches my thirst available at my side 99% of the time!

And, locally at least, the stores have been running wild sales on the stuff! What used to cost $1.79 a bottle in most places has been on sale for $1 a bottle at Target, Tops, Circle K Stores (local chain I think), Kwik Fill & Country Fair Stores, and more! So stock up (not that I can do this because I can buy 20 at a time and they're gone in a day with 3 teens and me!) and become addicted to something that really helps you lose the weight! You might find that getting in 8+ glasses of water a day isn't so tough any more!

Here's some good reading and fact finding info on water and your body... via the net!

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