Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chocolate Oreo Milkshake

One of my life lines on Weight Watchers® is their own WW Smoothie. I love the chocolate most, as I am a confirmed chocoholic! They offer the smoothie mix in a new berry flavor also, which is quite yummy! They have Vanilla Chai, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Berry at the moment, at least at my meetings. So, today I decided to do something a little different with my smoothie mix.

I prefer to make the WW Smoothies with water, not milk. It uses less points, provides a milk serving anyways and is not as "odd" in texture. The only word I can come up with to explain the texture when made with milk is "slimy" and that's not a word we should use when it comes to food!

So today I decided to use both a vanilla and a chocolate smoothie packet to 16 oz. of ice and water. Tossed in the blender it gave me the world's largest "milk shake" I've ever seen! I decided to go for the decadent side and add a 1/2 pack of Oreo 100 Calorie Packs. At this point I'm at 4 Pts for a 24oz. or larger glass! The more crushed ice you use, the thicker the milkshake is, so don't worry about putting in too much!

Blended all together the Oreo pack gave it just a hint of Oreo flavor. The combination of the vanilla and chocolate seemed to make it a creamier, smoother almost "white" chocolate flavor.

I've been "bad" lately, although I did lose 2 lbs. this week, and I just feel like I need to make some changes in my choices. This was a slightly different option that I knew would fill me so full for breakfast and yet be very point friendly. I've been having horrible sweets cravings, could be for a variety of reasons, and I know the more I put them off the more I crave so it was time to tackle that desire the proper way!

So next time you're "hungry" and craving something sweet and chocolaty... go for one of these Oreo Milkshakes! Not only is it filling but very point friendly! Remember presentation accounts for a lot also. Placing the milkshake in a HUGE glass and topping it with 2 mini Oreo pieces just made me feel like it was a "special" treat... almost forbidden! But reality was, it was not only VERY good, tasty and special... it was so point friendly and filling that I felt a secret success in just making the choice!


  1. This looks *REALLY* yummy...I would have had to add a dollop of whipped cream on top though! :)

    I found your blog on Flashlight Worthy!

  2. Thanks Julie! I love FLW! I'm an avid reader and they have some great ideas/reviews!