Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keepin On Program

You often don't realize how hard it is to stay on program and eat right until you're hit with a holiday or a family gathering! With Easter right around the corner I'm bombarded daily with little foiled, delicate spring colored treats that would cost an arm and a leg in points on Weight Watchers! What can you do when you're a person that loves sweets so much, but don't want to gain the weight back? Time to get creative!

Some of my favorite treats I've found, low in points, that keep me feeling FAR from being abused while others munch away happily.....

Sugar Free Peeps (1) - 3 peeps are 1 serving and @ about 99 cents a package they're cheap to keep around. Stick a few in your desk, your cupboard, your car and grab a pack to nibble on when those sugary cravings are just killing you! I've found them at every grocery store locally and WalMart. Also, most drug stores carry them too.. .but stock up as they won't be around after Easter!

Yoplait Light Cinnamon Bun Yogurt (2) - This yogurt is absolutely to die for! It's a newer flavor & often harder to find but it's worth the trek to a few stores to look! They're just sweet and creamy enough to make you feel like you've been terribly bad, while not taking a ton of points to fulfill your craving! Our local Super WalMarts seem to be carrying them a lot. Giant Eagle stores have them sometimes locally also.

Hostess 100 Calorie Pack Minis (1) - I was completely amazed at the point value of these little treats! 3 small mini muffin/cupcakes per package for 100 calories. They're a super low point treat that just screams sugary deliciousness! They simply rock! I've found them cheapest at WalMart but most of the other grocery stores carry them too. My fave is the strawberry cupcakes, with the chocolate ones running a very close second!

So while others are loading up candy dishes on the desks or filling up Easter baskets with goodies that will be adding inches to their hips, YOU can stay on program and continue to lose weight while enjoying some sweet treats too!

It's not impossible to enjoy food that tastes good and seems "bad for you" but isn't! I've had a weight loss every week I've been on the Weight Watcher's program so far and I'm rarely unable to fulfill a craving I'm having. So just remember... where there's a will, there's a way!

Keep Getting Healthy!

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